I will be 30 years old in the year 2014. Things I’d like to do by then, a bucket list of sorts. Because goals are importanical.

Hey girl teacher1. Go to grad school for….something.(Graduated with a 4.0 from my teaching credential program, December 2012)

2. Make the “Freshly Pressed” featured blog page here on wordpress.com.

3. Record a CD. Recorded one in Spanish and one in English :).

4. Publish a book.

5. Go to a dinner and a movie by myself and not check my cell phone even once. It was kind of scary, but I did it!!!

6. Go to Alcatraz.

my homemade bucha!!!
my homemade bucha!!!

7. Brew my own Kombucha. Yeah baby! Did this! Blog about it coming….

8. Read 100 books.

9. Memorize 20 songs on the guitar by heart.

10. Go to 100 Giants games. (65 down.)

11. Visit Yellowstone. June 2013. So. Beautiful.

12. Make a lasagna from scratch. It was nom nom.

13. Log 1,500 miles walking/running/hiking on runkeeper.com. (currently at 1575!!!!!)

me and gma loving our Giants.
me and gma loving our Giants.

14. Go to Giants Spring Training. (DID IT!!! 2013!)

15. Have 100 email subscribers to this blog. (have 164 by email, 550 by twitter, 246 on Facebook!)

16. Make Yelp Elite!!  Check out my page at rachelynnweight.yelp.com. I freaking LOVE Yelp!

17. Run a 5K. Completed my first, the Pleasant Hill Firecracker Fun Run. 31 something minutes. Yay! something accomplished! Now, back to the couch.

18. Visit Joshua Tree or Zion. Pretty cool.

update: knitting is for morons.
update: knitting is for morons.

19. Visit three new countries or states. Oregon, Colorado, Florida! Tackled Ireland and Spain, Summer 2013. Breezed through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, LIVED in North Carolina.

20. Learn how to knit. In my defense, I freaking TRIED.

Oh yeah baby
Oh yeah baby

21. Brew my own beer! Check out the experience here!

22. Take a wine-tasting course. I’m gonna say that this is covered because I am taking a two week Bartending course to be a certified bartender! I have learned a LOT.

23. Run a 10k. Turkey Trot 2011! Finished in 1:05 and planning on getting that under an hour :)

24. Have 300 followers on Twitter. (have 550+)

25. Get 100,000 hits on this blog. Yeah baby! Took 16 months. New goal – 300,000 by my 30th birthday!

26. Read the entire Bible. (Finished April 21, 2013!)

pat burrell. soooo dreamy.
pat burrell. soooo dreamy.

27. Meet someone famous. Met Pat Burrell!!!

28. Sing at an open mic night.

29. Participate in a flash mob. We had an adorable flash mob at my school, totally surprising our principal. This counts…but I’d like to step it up and do one better.

30. Visit 30 new wineries or breweries. (17 down)

New Things to Add:

Write 100 reviews on Yelp this year (started at 332, on 429!)

Visit 10 National or State Parks (Yosemite, Lassen, Donner, Yellowstone, Blue Ridge Parkway so far)

Reread all the works of Jane Austen (Just read Persuasion, Northanger Abbey)