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Carolina Diaries

I’m home. :)

Eight days, nine states, four thousand miles. Countless bathroom breaks. Countless "absolutely never driving through Texas again" comments. Countless coffees. But we made it home. Seghs, driving companion extraordinaire, landed on a Friday afternoon, documented here. I slept about two hours... Continue Reading →

Rachel’s Relocation and Revival Tour – Day One

Do you like our hashtag? We spent a long time trying to figure out what to call our trip. The other choice was "The Time We Drove Through Texas and Some Other States," but that is longish.Jess (also known as... Continue Reading →

The One About Packing and Moving Again

Dear Self, You are moving! In just a few sleeps! You need to pack! Downloading the next book in the series you are reading was not a good idea. Deciding to aggressively watch a bunch of Netflix before someone changes... Continue Reading →

How to Survive A Solo Road Trip

I'm on the road a lot - luckily, it's all for fun. I LOVE to travel, particularly a good road trip. Which is a good thing, because in four sleeps  I get to pack up my life and move across... Continue Reading →

Kentucky Road Trip

So last week, I couldn't take it anymore and decided to get in my car and drive. I went to Hanging Rock park, because I had always wanted to hike it. It was very pretty, but what is a "moderate"... Continue Reading →

Traveling with Rachel

So I went on a walk, and this squirrel was screaming at me in squirrel talk from this tree (I am terrified of squirrels), and that's when I decided I was going on a road trip. I'm going to Georgia,... Continue Reading →

Weekend Update with Rachel

Valentines Day I spent as any self-respecting single woman does - drinking wine and making out with a loaf of bread and cheese. I bought myself a balloon, but it broke, which seemed a little mean. And I texted my... Continue Reading →

Skype is to Mullet as…anyway, I have an announcement.

Did that title work for you? Here's the thing! I had my second interview today via Skype for a teaching position. In Rio de Janeiro. Which is in Brazil. !!!!! And I think it went well. !!!!! Skype interviews are crazy.... Continue Reading →

i woke up in narnia

for all i've been mocking durham's outright panic at the possibility of snow, the last 24 hours have been REALLY exciting for me. if you're wondering how many inches of snow it takes to completely shut down durham, the answer... Continue Reading →

I am Disco Chicken

A general rule in life is: never, ever, never never ever read the comments. Of course, that is exactly what I do. And this last piece, less of a story and more like stream of consciousness regarding a breakup, garnered... Continue Reading →

b r e a k i n g me

i came out here to north carolina from california be with him a few months ago. i thought we would be getting married this summer, after a year and a half of blissful dating. not because i am a silly... Continue Reading →

Resolutions! Took me a hot minute, but…

…I figured by now you'd be over being over seeing others talk about "New Year, New YOU!" and other such nonsense, to which your response should always be - "guess what? Current me is already kicking plenty of @$#, so…enough with... Continue Reading →

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