Things I Could Have Done with Unemployment – just another list of broken dreams. I tried knitting.

The One Where I Quit My Job – I have loved being a teacher these past four years, but it’s time for a change. Sharing some memories of the good times, as the bad ones seem to fade into all the cuteness.

My Rules For Life – Rule number 2: Pick a color that is your favorite color. It’s kind of like your spirit animal. Mine is yellow. Always wear it somehow.

A Time Capsule of the Year – the one where I wrap up 2012 and make myself remember myself.

Imperfection – In which I discuss all the weird things I’m obsessed with. Freckles, speech impediments, sad Christmas trees.

(Not) Leaving on a Jetplane – The one where I talk about the plane “incident” and fears of flying.

My Big “Unfriend on Facebook” Adventure One night, I decided to control my audience. I had some liquid courage and about half a pan of brownies, and then I spent an hour on my facebook account tonight, scrolling through and through, clicking, unclicking, deliberating. But in the end, I went from over 1500 “friends” to a more respectable 1216.

A Year in Statii – gleaning my life from my status updates.

  • June 8 – Junior High Quote of the Day: ”I only wear a sweatshirt if my mom is cold.”
  • June 6 – “ATTENTION: I have a freckle in my left armpit! – This important discovery brought to you by the 50 page paper I have 22 more pages of to write tonight.”