1441395_10102800429842977_2114378366_nMy name is Rachel. I’m from California. Right now I’m a teacher at an international school in Hong Kong. I used to live in Rio de Janeiro. And North Carolina. And Seattle for a hot minute. I like to move around. And then I like to sit on my computer and write.

The basics:

  • I am always late, but I’m trying.
  • I really like buying presents.
  • I like dirt, sand, grass under my feet.
  • I love being a teacher.
  • I’m attracted to intelligence, musicians, stutters, freckles, passion, and financial stability.
  • I’m allergic to most fruits and vegetables.
  • i like confetti and mustard yellow is my favorite color.
  • I hate talking on the phone.
  • I like kids jokes.
  • I love Jesus.

Here’s a list of 27 things you should know about me.

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Here are dumb videos i make.