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RinR: Roach Revenge, Hot Biscuits, Snapchat.

It took over a year, but I have finally made the most important decision a brasilera can ever make in her lifetime...yes...I have finally chosen a futebol team. After asking what the colors were and finding a¬†somewhat form-fitting shirt that... Continue Reading →

RinR: It can only be up from here, right?

When we last left off, I was enjoying AC and wine and Ranch dressing at a hotel bar in Phoenix after my flight to Rio had been canceled. I then jumped into my stars and stripes bikini and commanded the... Continue Reading →

TeacherDiaries: Markers, Injustice, ABCs.

I'm a pretty good teacher. My kids learn the stuff. I always have stickers in my room. And candy for my fellow teachers. I attend meetings and rarely pretend to go to the bathroom just so I can play a quick round of Trivia Crack. I answer emails. I participate in every dress-up day. But, of course, I have a few bad habits.

This Week in Things

Without hesitation - "I never rob banks. Or see dragons." #teachinglife

R2R: thankful

maybe the best part about any job are the unspoken parts. the bits that aren't explicitly written into your contract. the subtext you create. for me - I am thankful for the many times each day I am reminded what... Continue Reading →

TeacherDiaries: Mondays

I look forward to Mondays. I look forward to the challenges I will face with my students. To the words I will discover they don't know and figuring out a meaningful way to act them out and a poster I... Continue Reading →

RinR: Earning the Nickname

I'm in my thirties now. My half birthday (I celebrate things like that. I know you're not surprised.) was on Monday. I was 30, but now I'm also that and in my thirties. This week also marked another important anniversary... Continue Reading →

The (not so) Glamorous Life

I live in one of the most beautiful, sexy, energetic places in the world. However, it is a Saturday night*, and I am currently sitting in my living room, in stained yoga pants that have never once yoga-ed, in the... Continue Reading →

RacheltoRio: “I said beautiful things!”

The thing about teaching is that every week holds its own mysteries and moments of joy. The job changes every day, because you can't count on kids for anything. They are unpredictable monsters that you want to squeeze in either... Continue Reading →

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