What a Husband Looks Like – According to Junior Highers – find out what a 13 year old looks for in a future mate.

Good Teacher Gifts – My rundown of good gift choices for your teacher for Christmas, birthdays, Memorial Day, etc. (What we really want is wine, but there are some moral implications in that.)

“I like the new Teacher Girl” – some of my time teaching Special Ed this summer

School is so cuuuuute….

“Omg. School. Its back. Miss Weight is back. Rm 224 is open for crazy. Teaching makes time go reeeally quickly. Summer is never long enough, but there are always a few days sprinkled in when I can say “today is a hammock and ipod day” and the hours are suspended in time, and I can breathe deeply and dream. And champagne at 11am is totally acceptable…..”

Things I Enjoy about going back to school…

Update and Toegate… – Read how seventh graders taught me the value of a good pick up line, catch up on my disfigured toe that I now call “nubbin.”

In elementary school, I think most of us were under the impression that once the students left for the day, the teachers just shut down, almost like robots. Or maybe they ate dinner in the cafeteria, and then slept on cots in the library….Read more at: Wait, you don’t live at school?

End of the Year – My favorite Quotes

An open letter to Fox News about their anti-teacher statements……If we do not educate our children, if we do not place value on the process AND on the teachers who provide it, who encourage the spirits of children to grow and to find their talent and purpose in this world, we will raise generations of narrow-minded, uncreative, undereducated, obese Americans, who can only communicate via text message and facebook. We will not be able to compete in the world.