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I is home! It is good! Murica! It was a 32 hour adventure through four time zones and four airports, but I made it. The time in the Rio airport was sweet because one of my besties was also flying that... Continue Reading →

The One About Brian Wilson Breaking My Heart.

It feels nice when people know you and care about you. And when my beloved Brian Wilson defected to the LA Dodgers, I felt the sympathy and concern from my fellow man. I appreciated the texts, tweets, and messages from... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries: Miss W is Missing!

Easily the most fun I've had this year as a teacher was in looking over this "assignment" I created when I had a sub come in. I asked the students to create "Missing" posters for me, and with a description,... Continue Reading →

A Time Capsule of the Year

I've kept a diary most of my life, the last few year's have been a public one on this blog and others. I don't know if it's the new Pinterest habit that's gotten me thinking so craftily, but I thought... Continue Reading →

Dear Brian, Please, PLEASE don’t break my heart (300)

If you're anything like me (and God help you) you have been biting your nails over the recent talks between Brian Wilson and the SF Giants. He spent last year on the bench after recovering from his second Tommy John... Continue Reading →

274: Boyfriend Brian Wilson out for Season?

In case you live too far from Concord, CA to hear my wailing and gnashing of teeth, it seems that my love Brian Wilson, enigmatic ace closer for the World Series Champions of 2010 San Francisco Giants, is going to... Continue Reading →

179 – Bwils…keeps getting better.

I'm normally not a fan of any kind of crossover between what people are actually good at, and then what they do for money. Specifically, actors who then come out with terrible cds (Lindsey Lohan) or singers who start acting (Mandy... Continue Reading →

159 – Monday Round Uppage

Fav moment of the day: When I took my high heels off and simultaneously sipped a sweet pinot grigio post-Back to School Night. It.was.Heaven. Things I did this weekend: hung out with my handsome and somewhat obnoxious friend El Rico... Continue Reading →

157 – SFGiants – For the Girls – pt 2

I've had a request for an update on my "Giants Hottie Watch" and after watching Brett Pill hit a homer his first Major League at-bat (his Wikipedia page was updated like point two five seconds later haha) and I think... Continue Reading →

156 – What a Weekend! Lizabor Daaaayy…heyoooo

Dude. Big weekend. BIG weekend. Highlights - Odyssey of the Toe...Mauled by wild wheelchairs...BFF reunitage...Moonshinin'....Calling the cops on myself... Friday- this was the first Friday of the first week back at school...I was so ready for Orange Friday!! We had... Continue Reading →

154 – Monday Round UP! Back to Schoolzy!

Orientation was pretty fun today. Besides a couple of overbearing moms who aren't quite ready to let the oldest or babyness go into junior high, most of the students and their parents seemed pretty excited. And they are so small!... Continue Reading →

How the Google machine finds my blog…

I've had this blog for 7 months, 26 days.....I've written 150 posts this year, with an average of 600 words per post. If my math is right, which it probably isn't, that's about 90,000 words. I wonder how many Giants... Continue Reading →

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