Orientation was pretty fun today. Besides a couple of overbearing moms who aren’t quite ready to let the oldest or babyness go into junior high, most of the students and their parents seemed pretty excited. And they are so small! Oh, to be ten and eleven years old and have to carry a backpack that is so big it makes me fall down.

Tomorrow is the first real day! I have my outfit all picked out and something extra special to wear to my Spanish class…I will post pics. It is tres maqnifique!

On to the round up…

This weekend I…

  • Had my first day of grad school! It was a clusterwhat of information overload and anxiety. I really wonder if I can hack this out while teaching and studying for the CSETs and running the drama program and maintaining my rockstar lifestyle (ie karaoke sess’ at the Chest and frequent HHs). The answer is…I’ll sleep when I’m dead.
bahahahaha. someone fell asleep first at the sleepover.
  • Was yelled at by a tiny Vietnamese lady about the condition of my hair. I get it cut like twice a year, and she was railing on me about the ends. I felt like she was going to ask if I had boyfriend and wanted “crista gel” at any moment. When I pulled up to “Salon Paris” that Sunday afternoon, she was slumped over in a chair, asleep with an US Weekly open on her lap. So….judge not lest ye be judged, lady. Her name was “Tricky.” I asked for one inch, she chopped four. C’est la vie.
  • Went on walks…went to BJs for the Giants game…tried to conquer a massive pizookie. Fail.
  • Started reading “The Shack.” Interesante. Not quite sure what to think yet.
  • Watched a lot of the Xfiles dvds!!! Heaven.
This week I…
  • Start school with the kiddies!
  • Have my first videoconference school sess and advisor meeting for my grad program.
  • am playing softball
  • am watching some of my alum vball players play their first high school game!
  • am getting my armpits waxed. The pain takes your breath away but its oh so worth it.
  • am going to the Giants game on Friday night! They better turn this mess from tonight around…yiiiikes.
Today I ate…
  • a banana I found in my purse I had forgotten bout. I also found a garlic plant my gpa had given me. I didn’t eat that.
  • Chocolate and Diet pepsi and lots of coffee to prep for the morning’s arrival of chillens.
  • A Greek medley of goodies I cooked up.
   I am wearing….

a tired expression
I can’t stop listening to…
Will Regan and United Pursuit  . The Civil Wars . John Denver . Roxette . “Barefoot Blue Jean Night”
My favorite moment today was…
  • when my roommate uncharacteristically started sweeping the floor. We’ve lived together a year and a half and I’ve never seen her clean anything without being asked. Halleluyah. She claims this may be a new leaf. I like this leaf.
Today I learned…
  • It doesn’t matter how easy it seems to figure out, or how well you label it or explain it, a boy in junior high still cannot figure it out without individualized instruction and repetition for at least eight minutes. God, please give me baby girls.
I am excited about…
  • getting to know my new students. and the new teachers. hopefully at least one of them turns out to be a really good friend.
  • my baby cucumbers growing!

  • maybe going to oregon for NYE this year?? gaarretttt we’re calllling youuu!!
  • Robyn’s healing progress…a long way to go still, but oh so encouraging!