I’ve been chronically single for….oh, numbers are lame anyway. I’m not a mathematician! BUT I do have a sense of humor about it, most of the time. Clicky clicky on this list to read of the mishaps, misadventures, and musings of a Single, Young, and Unprofessional.

Guys – check out my “How Girls Work” for some seriously philosophical insight into like, what girls are thinking in our heads and how much we love Disney movies! Clap clap yaay!

Guide for Guys – How Girls Work – The Day We Met – Ever wonder why “When Harry Met Sally” is on every chick flick list? Or what the girl is thinking when she looks at you from across the room? Well, she’s thinking “come talk to me.” And other things.

only fault – no butt flap

I want to find my other half, but sometimes oh I just LOVE being alonehere’s why. Hint: nekkidness, farts, and no shame in wearing a onesie.

How Girls Work: The Girls Night OUT!  – the hair, the shoes, the gossip, the squeals! Everything lovely about hanging with your lady loves. I feel like I’m talking in a Glamour magazine or something…or writing lyrics to a Fergie song. WhatTheWhat gotta stop that.

My application for the Bachelorettehere. Basically, I’m single and ready to mingle with a hottie. Also I’m breathing and can get drunk and dramatic, which seem to be the basic qualifications they’re looking for, if the show’s cast is any indication at all.

Guide for Guys – How Girls Work – The “never call again.” Guys – ever wonder what happened to that girl that you decided never to call again after 1 date + ? Read through our reactions, our voodoo, our revenge “get hot” plan. And be afraid of never calling again. Be very, very afraid.

The Mother Ship of Chick Flicks – The Notebook – and why it ruined every girl for eternity.

My Reaction to Valentine’s Day – 2011 EditionFor the single gal, Valentine’s Day can bring on a variety of emotions, soul-searching, cocktails, exboyfriend stalking on Facebook, chick-flicks, and girls nights in or out. There is usually a movie starring Meg Ryan or Sandra Bullock, buying yourself a bouquet of flowers, browsing an online dating service, and lots and lots of chocolate….

In case you’re a single GUY and want to know how you could woo someone who likes to wear penguin onesies, drink wine, and will document your entire relationship for online readers, read my article on 5 Ways to Win my Heart

If you’re note really interested in me (was it the onesie?) but are looking for clues on How Girls Work and how to make them like you, check out this link: How to Get a Girl in Ten Days