this kind of happy. all day. every day.
this kind of happy. all day. every day.

Here I provide a page of links – videos, pictures, stories of all kinds – that are designed to make you feel better about life. Feel free to comment with your own links! :)


Little kid playing basketball LIKE A BOSS.

Watch this 90-year-old couple, who have been married for over 60 years, randomly perform at a medical clinic while waiting for their appointment!

The story of how my amazing hometown San Francisco made a Make-A-Wish dream come true and 12,000 volunteers helped this five year old be BATKID and freaking rule the city for a day. There are good people out there.  There really, really are.

o-THEOBEAU6-570Ummmm a baby and a puppy are besties when they nap. prepare for feels.

Omg. This video is epic. What happens when you have ONE CHANCE?!   

26 Moments to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Super Cute Animals Showing Affection page

22 Goats Smiling at You 

Compilation of Bulldogs being Bulldogs and making you cry with happy.

Puppies vs. Door Stoppers Video Compilation of AWESOME

24 Kids Who Are Clearly Being Raised Right

True Love Story

21 Dogs Who Don’t Realize How Big They Are

Some of my favorite Youtubes.