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Regular Trains, Sushi Trains, Bullet Trains, oh my

There is an English idiom, 'like riding a bike,' that I got to try out in a few ways on this trip. I was literally riding a bike around rice paddies and down busy streets with opposite traffic laws, and... Continue Reading →

The Land of the Rising Sun – Days 1 and 2

‘This is brilliant. This is . . . this is either the best idea or the worst idea i have ever had. Either way . . . heaps of fun at the moment. And probably a really good story later.’... Continue Reading →

Gringa Diaries – Paraguay: 1, Rachel: 0

After the late night silently waging social justice via facebook, I woke Friday morning to a slightly drizzly day, a fractured foot that barely worked, and no ambitions beyond the breakfast buffet. The infamous couple failed to show at breakfast,... Continue Reading →

Gringa Diaries: Dinner with the Devils

After a long day of hiking, which of course I had not brought sunscreen, bug spray, a map or water for, but managed to snap several hundred photos of the same waterfall that no one will ever look at but... Continue Reading →

Gringa DiariesÑ First of all, Mom, I{m fine.

So like, a word of advice 0 if you are traveling alone, especially as a woman in a foreign country, and you need directions somewhere, 10 out of 10 don}t ask the cute guy at reception. 10 out of 10... Continue Reading →

RinR: Amazon – Day 4

Something that's really cool about the Amazons is that they have pink dolphins. Yeah. Really. YEAH! Like, if you asked me to think of two things that I love, in the top one hundred (I love a lot of things)... Continue Reading →

RinR: Amazon – Day 3 – Or the One with the Sloth

It was a Tuesday. October 13. I can probably start referring to dates before this day as BS, Before Sloth. Everything after will henceforth be known as MS, or Missing Sloth. Until we are reunited in the afterlife. But I'm getting... Continue Reading →

RinR: Amazon – Day 2 – Jungles, Piranhas, Shamans, oh my!

Let's take a minute to talk about our guide: The man, the myth, the legend, the self-proclaimed shaman Samir. Our very first night, my companions went to bed, but I decided to hang out at the shack and get the... Continue Reading →

RinR: Amazon – Day 1 – Getting there

After deciding to blog about my incredible packing skills, that 4am wake up call came just as early as I thought it would...I'm that cheap gung-ho kind of traveler that will take flights at ridiculous hours figuring I will just sleep... Continue Reading →

RinR: How to (probably not) Pack for the Amazon

I am leaving for the airport in less than four hours. I have had all day to pack for my trip to the Amazon. So I was obviously very productive and focused. For starters, despite going to bed at 3am... Continue Reading →

RinR: t g i f

Four hours with children, a few hours in staff meeting about the children, and then I don't know what you'll be on, but I'LL BE ON VACAAAATIONNNNN!!!!!! Praise Jesus for the speed with which this first quarter has flown by.... Continue Reading →

Gringa Diaries: Malbec and Mendoza

One of Ryann’s dreams that happily provided the impetus of further travel in Argentina was to drink copious amounts of Malbec wine (her fav) in Mendoza (where it's from). We looked on a map, looked up flight prices and bus... Continue Reading →

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