Girls Nights Out – from the high heels to the hot dresses to the sexy drinks and music that makes us get on the floor….a post from my “How Girls Work” series.

Travel Times Funny – I am all things accident, awkward, and travel-prone. One easy list for you to read and determine if we could survive the elements together.

Disney’s Hottest Cartoon Men – Aladdin, Eric, Simba…my very scientific results reveal where they fall.

White people LOVE to say they don’t watch tv. FACT. But I do say that with several degrees of real. However, I was able to compile a list of my top 10 fav tv shows. From the obscure to the trendy, I present them to thee here.

My Top10 Hottest Hotties. Ladies…you’re welcome. Gents….read and heed, boys. Read and heed.

Top10Things I wish I could tell 16 year old Me – If I had a time machine, and I could have lived my life and felt the growing up, and then could go back and give me some advice, here are some things I might say to me…