I’ve kept a diary most of my life, the last few year’s have been a public one on this blog and others. I don’t know if it’s the new Pinterest habit that’s gotten me thinking so craftily, but I thought as it was just my 29th birthday, it would be a cool new thing to try and encapsulate the 28th year of my life with some questions I make myself answer.

Since I move around so much and my life changes faster than I can blog about, I wanted to create a format to look back specifically at my 28th year, and remember exactly where my life compass was at this moment. Here goes.

Where are you living? In a three-bedroom funfest in Concord, CA, with my roomies Jill (24, special ed high school teacher) and R2 (also named “Rachel,” 29, preschool teacher). I love my backyard with my firepit and string lights and tiny garden.

I get to answer Qs like this all day at my job.
I get to answer Qs like this all day at my job.

Where do you work? A private Christian classical academy. I teach junior high Latin, Spanish, coach volleyball, and created an afterschool drama program here.  It’s my fourth year. I mostly love it. Could do without crazy parents and so many meetings and emails.

What did you last eat? A parent brought me Caesar salad, cheetos, a diet coke, and beautiful cupcakes for my birthday.

What shoes are you wearing? Very comfortable orthopedic shoes that are white sandals and look like old lady feet.

When did you last cry? Sunday, on my birthday, because I was slightly miserable about getting old.

What was the last movie you watched? Umm….”How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” against my will. By choice, “Zero Dark Thirty,” which was epic.

 Favorite TV show of the moment? Parks and Recreation. Amazing.

Favorite toy of the moment? My Polar HRM. Love that thing.

When did you last laugh really hard? When I yelled at a student for being late and he answered “Mom! I’m sorry!”

What book are you reading right now? Anne of the Island.

What are you most looking forward to right now? The school year ending and going to Wyoming with my family and boyfriend.

What’s your favorite song right now? “Wagon Wheel.”

me and gma susi - Christmas 1986
me and gma susi – Christmas 1986

What’s different about your life from last year? Easily the biggest change is that my uncle and my grandma died. That has changed our family a lot. In happy news, I’ve been dating someone for about ten months…that’s a pretty great thing. I was in a freaky plane incident so now I’m more scared of things than I ever have been. I am not going on my mission trip this summer…changed churches…moving out of my house in June and not sure what my plans are…and gained back all the weight I had lost! Ha! Also I finished my credential program and have been coaching way too much volleyball.

What’s the same about your life last year that you’re happy about? Going to a TON of Giants games. I still love chicken nuggets. I still live nowhere near my best friends. (Denver is the closest. Followed by Chicago, NYC, Brazil, Israel. Le sigh.)

What are the last five things you googled? “breakfast quinoa,” “music nights in concord,” “asparagus pee,” “romanichal gypsys in west virginia,” “best jobs for teachers to transition to.”

When and what was your last vacation? Well, I went to Reno for a volleyball tournament and to Santa Cruz for Science Camp with my junior highers….came home with poison oak, so I’m a little bitter. Last true vacation….Oh when my Spring Break trip to Georgia/Tennessee failed, my boyfriend and I went up to Donner Lake and checked out of all technology for four days. I read over 800 pages and ate so much food and started happy hour at noon everyday and walked a lot. It was amazing. We also watched movies on VHS and slept ten hours a night. I want to go back!

What are you proud of this year? Finishing my teaching credential….being financially stable.

What’s your current favorite joke? What’s the different between Twitter and “The Hobbit?”

Answer: You’re only allowed 140 characters on Twitter.

A Slideshow of the 28th Year: