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RinR: Back to Rio to see Team US-YAY!

What can I possibly say about the last week? Each day has been an adventure, a challenge, a few giggles and awkward moments. As I'm typing this, I'm crying of happiness - but thinking about the last 72 hours, it's... Continue Reading →

RinR: Living the Dream

What do you say when people ask you how you are? I always say "living the dream." The other day I said this and the friend who had asked me how I was burst into laughter. "Rachel! Whose dream?" she... Continue Reading →

RinR: That One Time I Met Kerri Walsh and was Super Cool About It the title of another blog, set in the future, about an event that has not happened. Because it certainly does not describe what happened to me on Sunday.

A Time Capsule of the Year

I've kept a diary most of my life, the last few year's have been a public one on this blog and others. I don't know if it's the new Pinterest habit that's gotten me thinking so craftily, but I thought... Continue Reading →

“It’s the hard that makes it great” dailyprompt: silver screen

There is a great moment in "A League of Their Own" (watch it here), when Dottie is planning on going back to Oregon with her husband Bob, and her manager confronts her about her choice: Jimmy Dugan: Shit, Dottie, if... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Ingredients for a Summer of Awesome

10. BBQs - Summer has started when I drive home from work, get out of the car, and can smell BBQs in the neighborhood. Can't you picture really happy dads flipping burgers, kids running around everywhere, the dog sniffing around,... Continue Reading →

Monday Round UP

Fav moment of the weekend - I spent most of yesterday with one of my adopted families, and the twin boys are turning 15 soon and reeeeally excited about learning to drive. I think blacked out for a second and... Continue Reading →

summer means…

the smell of sunscreen as my perfume never brushing my hair sand between my toes the buzz of bugs flying into string lights and tiki torches at night free slurpee day at 711 campfires and jam sessions paddleboating on the... Continue Reading →

84 – hey now, hey now, dont dream its over.

my first season of coaching volleyball is over, and one of my parents asked me "are you excited for all your free time?" I answered "well, actually I don't want it." and it was kind of funny, but mostly serious. I'm... Continue Reading →

82 – Look at all the fancy things!

So it was pouring rain, I was running to my car at the end of my last vball practice, and I had a bunch of keys and bags and things in both hands. I threw my stuff into my trunk,... Continue Reading →

81 – Wednesdays are…in the middle of the week.

I'm behind a day! Yesterday, I got an email from excusing me from writing a daily blog because the site was down. I was kinda glad because I'd had a MAJOR vball day...we beat this unbeatable team, Valley, in... Continue Reading →

80 – Monday Round Up

Fav moment of the day - We had what may be our last volleyball practice of the season today, and I had the girls fill out little journal surveys about what they thought of the season, their favorite parts, what... Continue Reading →

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