Fav moment of the weekend – I spent most of yesterday with one of my adopted families, and the twin boys are turning 15 soon and reeeeally excited about learning to drive. I think blacked out for a second and said I would let them take my car for a spin around the block. It was about 9pm, in the Lafayette hills, where it is seriously dark. They took turns scaring me by not remembering to turn on the lights, take off the parking brake, or look around them at all for signs of life as they reversed. Lots of “stop yelling at me!” and reminding them that this was a real car on a real road and not Autopia at Disneyland!

It brought back a lot of memories of learning to drive and time spent in the DVC parking lot ruining Jess’ transmission as she patiently explained down-shifting to me. It was only after we got back in the house that they told me they’d only ever driven once before. !@#$W?ER But the car made it. Good practice for eventual parenting!

This weekend I –

  • spent a few days in SLO with the baby sis…by the numbers: 470 miles driving, 3 coffee shops, 3 bars, 1 bag of flaming hot cheetos, 1 attack lizard that almost made me pee my pants, 4 movies watched, 2 hikes, 9 miles walking, 2 fro yo stops, 4 new dresses, 2 boys acting stupid, 2 sisters having tons of fun. :)
  • Had another mission trip meeting! We leave in less than a month holy canoli. I managed to turn in all my money and paperwork and teach two new songs in Spanish!
  • Killed TWO spiders!

This week I am going to…

  • record a bunch of praise and worship Spanish songs and make a CD for the mission trip.
  • get a new phoooone!!! yeaaaahhhh mine is so slow and lahaame.
  • update a bunch of reviews on Yelp! (I’m obsessed.)
  • play some volleyball
  • play some softball
  • go to the dentist :/ bahhhh
  • write a blog a day! I’m determined.
  • sleep in!
  • start my US constitution course.
  • Turn in all my teacher school paperwork I mean it! (I’ve been saying this for four weeks.)

Newstory of the Day: Dodgers file for Bankruptcy….babahahahahaha


Question of the Day:

Do I have bad habits? What bad habits should I break?

Thoughts on this so far….I should maybe give up soda. I drink a ton of that. Hmm. And being late to things. On time is early for me. Hmm. I shall ponder.