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mission to me

I'm sharing in Chapel next week. Our theme is "Missionaries" and mission trips have completely shaped my life for the last seventeen years. In case some of you don't know the story, I thought I'd practice my chapel share a bit here.... Continue Reading →

221: Viva la Navidad! 9 Things I already miss about Mexico

Back from a Christmas mission trip to Ensenada, Mexico. Since Friday afternoon... I have been in a car for about 50 hours, which makes my already flat white girl butt even flatter and somewhat tingly with being asleep. I have... Continue Reading →

144 – Noticias de Robyn Bickerton- Espanol

Me da muchos animos a ver la fe y el poder de Dios en accion a traves de los Bickertons y nuestra communidad de cristianos, en todas partes del mundo! Desde Africa, a Mexico, a Francia, y todos los Estados... Continue Reading →

143 – Means “I Love You” in Pager Code. Perfect!

A dear, dear friend, Robyn Bickerton (or "Bickertwin," as we like to tease them) is right now lying in an induced coma at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara. She goes to college in Westmont, and was driving back up the... Continue Reading →

142 – monday maui round up down

this is a weird round up...i write from a condo in maui, on a luxurious vacation after a life-altering mission trip, after my car broke down, i got sick, my computer died and wiped itself clean of all my memories, and... Continue Reading →

Monday Round UP

I been gone many a moon, deep in the woods, out in villages in Mexico, doing some soul-searching, living in communidad. its been wild. i missed blogging, but other than that, returning to real life in the first world is... Continue Reading →

131 – Monday Round UP

Fav Moment of the Day - New roomie meeting in! I can't wait to hang out and get frozen yogurt and drink wine and watch girlie movies and tv together. yaaaay for new friends! Second Fav Moment - The return... Continue Reading →

Monday Round UP

Fav moment of the weekend - I spent most of yesterday with one of my adopted families, and the twin boys are turning 15 soon and reeeeally excited about learning to drive. I think blacked out for a second and... Continue Reading →

summer means…

the smell of sunscreen as my perfume never brushing my hair sand between my toes the buzz of bugs flying into string lights and tiki torches at night free slurpee day at 711 campfires and jam sessions paddleboating on the... Continue Reading →

Top 10 – Travel Times Funny (97)

I LOVE to travel. I go lots of places. I've seen a lot of weird stuff, but it seems to me that no matter where I go, who I go with, which mode of transport, I seem to attract the... Continue Reading →

96 – Monday Round UP

Fav moment of the day - one of my eighth grade boys said he had a birthday present for me...I was to close my eyes and stick out my hands. This is not something you normally do around 13 year... Continue Reading →

I’ve got VWS. Vacation Withdrawal Syndrome.

Symptoms include: Answering "yes" questions with "si" and occasionally speaking in Spanish without noticing margarita/guac/chips smell cravings considers suntan lotion an acceptable perfume and deodorant inability to care about things due to totally relaxed state of mind late to bed,... Continue Reading →

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