holding babies in mexico is my fav thing.

I been gone many a moon, deep in the woods, out in villages in Mexico, doing some soul-searching, living in communidad. its been wild. i missed blogging, but other than that, returning to real life in the first world is a bit of a let down right now…unfortunately, a crazy little thing called the world won’t let me just sit and be thoughtful for more than a few hours…i have a work meeting tomorrow and while i’m still processing my mission trip and some family business, i have one last vacation and then right back into work, with my own first day of school as a student AND as a teacher looming right around the corner.

Remember that TV show “Out of This World” (sing with me…”would you like to swing on a star? whoa oa oa! carry moonbeams home in a jar? whoa oa oa!”) where the girl could touch her fingers together and freeze time, usually to think around an embarrassing situation involving her boyfriend and her dad? I wish I could do that now…sit and be profoundly miserable and blessed and thoughtful all at once, and click back into reality when I felt good and ready.

But that was a TV show, not a documentary. Which is unfortunate, because I would like to use those powers.

Writing this blog has helped me process a lot of things over the last few years…I’ve kept a blog off and on since 2003. Because of a boy. I kept it through college, traveling, my short-lived career as a somewhat journalist, teaching, mission trips, etc. It helps me remember the moments big and small. I’m hoping it helps me get back into my “real life” and see what God has planned for me next. If you don’t keep a journal, I highly rec, at least some bullet points every week, like my Monday Round Ups, which really help me focus, and then look back and remember my week to week.


This weekend I…

  • got back from a mission trip to mexico…i think my 17th trip or so down there, counting Christmases. It was comfortable, challenging, powerful. Hilarious. Blessed. A blog coming on that, soon.
  • went to church
  • could not sleep
  • did loads of laundry stained brown from living in a constant state of dirt for the last two weeks.
  • caught up on “Bachelorette.” blog coming soon.
  • after spending eight days straight together, missed my mission family, and had to have an eight hour laugh fest and food fest at the ericksens. love my peeps.

This week I will…

  • have a work meeting
  • celebrate mom’s bday!
  • go to a Giants game!!! its been like three weeks. gotta get them phillies.
  • go to hawaii with my fam. life is so hard.

Songs I keep singing…