I’ve been out of town for the last two weeks, so I had some MAJA drama to catch up on…and in preparation for watching the final rose ceremony, I have caught up on my eps and and ready with some commentary…

hometown dates….hands down, Ames was most awkward.  I love the guy. He is a delicate onion with many layers to be peeled. But he just won’t ever stop smiling and close his mouth, and I think he got a spray tan for this ep, and Ashley had to lean in and force the kiss….he is so sweet though, and looked super bewildered when she didn’t call his name at the rose ceremony. Sorry, buddy. I hope you go back to New York and get some major play. Some nice girl will make all your sweet dreams come true one day! And if not, you can come find me in Concord and we will watch old black and white films and cuddle, because I feel like you enjoy things like that.

JP scored major nostalgia points with me for the roller rink date. I totally wanted my first kiss to be at a roller rink! And his mom busting out the bar miztvah poster pic? Priceless. Best line – “I only fell down so you wouldn’t be the first to fall.”

I also wanted to jump right in the middle of the Greek village that came over for Constantine‘s hometown date…especially when that guy starting throwing money in the air. The constant stream of family, eating and drinking, really resonated with me. I like the guy, I really do.

Ben F. – His family was definitely more reserved…loved that super awkward moment when they opened the door and his sister looked at Ashley while Ben and his mom were hugging and they both did the “uh-ah” stop-start hug motion towards each other. They were all very sweet.

I don’t think anyone was surprised when Ames went home. Except maybe Ames. My sweet baby cow being led to the slaughter.