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Monday Roundups

215: Monday RoundUP

Things that are GREAT! I can officially start listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies, and have decorated my house with Christmas cheer. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Like I just ate a cat. I ran my first... Continue Reading →

Monday Round UP

Favorite moment of the day....a kid in my Spanish class told a five minute story about "one of the saddest days of my life" when a friend's mom promised to get him a slurpee, but she didn't. I threw back... Continue Reading →

180 – Jesus and his puppy.

gotta write a blog. its monday. monday monday. good song. how many other songs have days of the week in their titles? iTunes, enter in "monday." I have six songs with "monday" in the title. interesting. lets try the rest... Continue Reading →

163 – Monday RoundUp

Fav Moment of the Day: Text from my stepdad at 7am reminding me that its National Talk like a Pirate Day. This weekend I... was uncharacteristically social! I've been hermitaging myself since the enslaught of school and teaching rained into... Continue Reading →

159 – Monday Round Uppage

Fav moment of the day: When I took my high heels off and simultaneously sipped a sweet pinot grigio post-Back to School Night. It.was.Heaven. Things I did this weekend: hung out with my handsome and somewhat obnoxious friend El Rico... Continue Reading →

142 – monday maui round up down

this is a weird round up...i¬†write from a condo in maui, on a luxurious vacation after a life-altering mission trip, after my car broke down, i got sick, my computer died and wiped itself clean of all my memories, and... Continue Reading →

Monday Round UP

I been gone many a moon, deep in the woods, out in villages in Mexico, doing some soul-searching, living in communidad. its been wild. i missed blogging, but other than that, returning to real life in the first world is... Continue Reading →

137 – Monday Round UP – Lake, BIG lake!

Adios, civilization! Hello, Pinecrest! I have gone to frolic in the woods with my kin and woodsy critters for the week. Its the annual Camp Blue - Lair of the Golden Bear Cal Alumni Family camp extravaganza and I am... Continue Reading →

131 – Monday Round UP

Fav Moment of the Day - New roomie meeting in! I can't wait to hang out and get frozen yogurt and drink wine and watch girlie movies and tv together. yaaaay for new friends! Second Fav Moment - The return... Continue Reading →

Monday Round UP

Fav moment of the weekend - I spent most of yesterday with one of my adopted families, and the twin boys are turning 15 soon and reeeeally excited about learning to drive. I think blacked out for a second and... Continue Reading →

Monday Round UP

Fav Moment of the Day - napping in the sun in the backyard, reading magazines, drinking soda...ahhh summatime! Second Fav Moment of the Day - hanging out with baby McKayla, cutest and most well-behaved child ever. We ate green beans... Continue Reading →

Monday Round UP

Fav Moment of the Day - waking up to see my fishy!! Part of me may have bought the fish just to be able to reenact scenes from "Finding Nemo" with it. I named it "Ke-$-ha" which is pronounced "Kay-money... Continue Reading →

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