Fav Moment of the Day – New roomie meeting in! I can’t wait to hang out and get frozen yogurt and drink wine and watch girlie movies and tv together. yaaaay for new friends!

Second Fav Moment – The return of the Bachelorette!! Oh I missed the drama. And the hot guys. JP equals yum yum. Bye Ryan and Lucas. Two blondes down.

look at this jerk.

Unfav Moment– The discovery of mucho bug bites on my person in odd places. It is very unbecoming to scratch raw the skin under one’s armpit, or on one’s love handle. What are these pesks? Spiders? Skeetos? What the what? I am an itch machine. And I don’t understand when I kill one spider or one bug, and then another one shows up immediately after. I’m like, “did you not just see me totally squish your friend? run and hide!” And why do they always attack you in the shower? You’re using the loofah, zoning out, and then one swings down to say hello. Because you couldn’t be more defenseless in the shower. And I usually have my contacts out so I get all squinty and close to the creature and it wiggles a leg at me. Oh I hate bugs.

Today I am wearing….sweatpants?! An unusually chilly evening…kinda nice to get all snuggly on my couch though.

This weekend I…

  • stayed in a hotel by myself for the FIRST time! I totally starfished all over the kingsized bed. The bed was the size of my room.
  • Really enjoyed myself at Lindsey and Josh’s wedding! Despite the wind that was blowing in my face the entire time I was singing (literally, I was eating my hair) the song went well, the ceremony was beautiful, the dance floor was hoppin! The couple looked so happy and I was really honored to be a part of their ceremony and learn more about their story. Congrats! PS I still think about those cakepops! I tweeted a pic of them to the SFGiants and they tweeted back that they loved them!!! Successssssss that’s like five SFGiants tweets for me. Brian Wilson’s coming up next I can FEEL IT.
  • sang at church and had one of our last mission trip meetings…I can’t believe its almost time to go to Mexico again! I have so much more to do to get ready! I am really excited to get back to see my familia en Ensenada.
  • Went to the Giants game! Sat in the bleachers with a bunch of fam, took the little boys down the slides, to the batting cages, ate garlic fries, rang the trolley bell. Good times.

This week I…

  • moved in new roomie!! she’s super cute and fun so far…we watched “bachelorette” together and agreed on all the men we like and don’t like. This is either a
    Me and my baby brother at the game

    GREAT sign or means we will fight over boys when we go out….hmm…. :)

  • have to say goodbye to dad and brother….i got usedto them being here. now they go back to georgia and I’m sure when I will see them next. We’re having dinner and watching the many Giants players kill it in the All-Star game!! Brian Brian Brian!
  • weddings weddings weddings! bachelorettes, bridal showers for four days straight! I’m running out of cute outfits…hmm…und shopping trip?
  • in the midst of all the wedding adventures, I am also somehow packing for a week camping and a week of mission tripping in mexico, as those will be back to back again this year, recording a Spanish praise and worship CD, getting together presents, preparing a devotional, and I really need to write some fundraising letters!

Question of the day…

How many times can you  hear a song before you are sick of it? I’ve killed several songs so far this summer….or heard the radio slay them. (Rolling in the Deep…I can’t even hear the first four bars anymore.) I just looked in me iTunes and my top played song, Hosanna by Hillsongs, has 173 plays. And I think I could still listen to it a few times in a row. Christian songs are different though….I think the underlying deeper meaning makes it easier to hear a billion times. Of course, my top played secular song is “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon, so….clearly I’m a little all over the place here. :)