Josh and Lindsey's rehearsal dinner cake!! Homeplate with a SFG Hat !

I am at that age when everyone I know seems to be getting engaged, having showers, getting married, buying houses, having babies. Everyone. Oh, except me. Its okay though. I’m sure it will happen someday, and I’m actually only lonely like…. point zero nine percent of the time, because I am saving myself for Brian Wilson.

This weekend its my friend from work, Lindsey, who found the love of her life, Josh, through the magic of eharmony! I tried this dating site for a hot minute a year ago….had some matches, went on a few dates, had a couple o’ nice meals and fun nights out, and then was over it. It did exactly what I needed it to do….which was remind myself that I am someone worth dating, that I remembered how to flirt with strangers, basked in some attention from hot guys for a few hours, and then I was done. Account canceled, calls unreturned, over it. (Kevin from Stockton, Cary from Turlock, Mike from Menlo, and Brian from SF….sorry if you’re reading this…its not you, its me. I promise.)

SFGiants cakepops! Ahhhh me want!

Lindsey and Josh are fantastic, funny, Godly people, and Giants fans to boot! I am honored to be a part of their special day, and I love that their wedding has so many homey details…her grandpa, who also ministered her parents wedding, will be presiding over their big day. Their cousins who are 8 year old crazy boys are reading scripture. The wedding is on a tiny vineyard with a barn and string lights everywhere. They are honoring their first date (a Giants game) and his proposal (in the Giants dugout!!! HINT Future Husband!!! ) with Giants memorabilia everywhere (Giants cakepops?! I’m in a tiny part of Heaven) and family and Christ are incorporated into everything.

Its nice to be a part of a wedding, but kind of on the fringe. I came up here to Sac last night to go to the rehearsal, and everyone was so welcoming and nice. This is the first truly Christian wedding I’ve been to…I’m singing a hymn during their communion. It’s a beautiful thing to hear about how they both were waiting on God’s timing to bring someone into their lives, and their friends from church and family talk about their relationship and just knowing they were meant for each other. This gives me much needed hope.

Since I am singing in the wedding, the fabulous Webster fam got me a hotel room last night to be here for rehearsal, the dinner, and the big day. My first hotel room by myself! I felt so grown up checking in. With a pink suitcase. Need to get something more adult. Of course, upon entering, I immediately jumped on the King-sized bed (my regular bed is a twin…omg the ROOM on this thing!) and rolled around all over it and turned the air-conditioning waaaay down and got lots of ice from the ice machine. I got to use allll the towels and put my stuff allll over and play alllll my music reeeeeally loud. It was fantastic. Of course, there was a baby crying last night in the room next door that was kinda ruining things. But I just turned Lil Wayne up and was okay.

Right now, I’m waiting in the lobby…soaking up the free wifi and plotting my trip to starbucks before i head over to the venue. i dont want my guitar to be in the heat too long. she’s so pretty and she’ll melt and i will, too.

I’m happy and excited to see people who are happy to be together and plan on being together for the rest of their lives. I like that idea of love. and I hope that’s the kind of love I get to feel one day, too.

Congrats, Lindsey and Josh! xox