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Weddings are getting very Pindictable.

Disclaimer: I am not engaged, I am not fishing for a proposal from my boyfriend, I am not in a rush to get married. But. I am a girl. And we love weddings. I am free-falling fallen into the abyss... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Awesome Things about Weddings

Weddings truly are fantastic. People love each other, and want to be together forever? That's a beautiful thing. By no means all inclusive, I present a list of things I love about attending/being in weddings. 10. Guys look great in... Continue Reading →

I Rachel, take thee, Brian Wilson…. It’s Wedding Season pt 2

Tomorrow I am going to my friend Courtney's wedding, Sunday its Annie's in Santa Cruz. Everyone is falling in love and getting married and its quite the summer of love for me. At least, watching love. Annie and Russell actually... Continue Reading →

Its Wedding Season!

I am at that age when everyone I know seems to be getting engaged, having showers, getting married, buying houses, having babies. Everyone. Oh, except me. Its okay though. I'm sure it will happen someday, and I'm actually only lonely... Continue Reading →

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