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Giiiiiiirl I have created wine popsicles. And the world will never be the same. You know how you find a recipe on Pinterest, and you're like, "that sounds amazing, but Martha Stewart I am not." (something funny I did this... Continue Reading →

What I <3 about Ireland – Trip Highlights

Tomorrow I finally leave Ireland, after a week of solo traveling here. Time has been fast and time has been slow, but I have really loved this adventure. Here are some highlights: Accents - is it just me, or is... Continue Reading →

In my Life, I’m going to Carolina…Moving for a Boy. A Series. Part 3.

If you asked us how BF and I met, we would each have different stories. Both stories are funny, but what matters is that almost a year ago today, we decided we wanted to be together. A year later, we've... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries – My Special Summer – Quotes so Far

This summer I am teaching Special Ed in a class with nine nine-year-old boys. Needless to say, I'm exhausted and have had frozen yogurt three nights in a row. As dinner. It's also possible that I'm drinking a lot of... Continue Reading →

137 – Monday Round UP – Lake, BIG lake!

Adios, civilization! Hello, Pinecrest! I have gone to frolic in the woods with my kin and woodsy critters for the week. Its the annual Camp Blue - Lair of the Golden Bear Cal Alumni Family camp extravaganza and I am... Continue Reading →

135 – Tomatoes, zombies, cheezits, cars. Average day, really.

I have so much to do. So much, that I had to write it down and make a list. Sometimes, when I make these lists, i put down things that are almost already done, so I can finish them and... Continue Reading →

131 – Monday Round UP

Fav Moment of the Day - New roomie meeting in! I can't wait to hang out and get frozen yogurt and drink wine and watch girlie movies and tv together. yaaaay for new friends! Second Fav Moment - The return... Continue Reading →

Its Wedding Season!

I am at that age when everyone I know seems to be getting engaged, having showers, getting married, buying houses, having babies. Everyone. Oh, except me. Its okay though. I'm sure it will happen someday, and I'm actually only lonely... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Ingredients for a Summer of Awesome

10. BBQs - Summer has started when I drive home from work, get out of the car, and can smell BBQs in the neighborhood. Can't you picture really happy dads flipping burgers, kids running around everywhere, the dog sniffing around,... Continue Reading →

Monday Round UP

Fav Moment of the Day - napping in the sun in the backyard, reading magazines, drinking soda...ahhh summatime! Second Fav Moment of the Day - hanging out with baby McKayla, cutest and most well-behaved child ever. We ate green beans... Continue Reading →

Monday Round UP

Fav Moment of the Day - waking up to see my fishy!! Part of me may have bought the fish just to be able to reenact scenes from "Finding Nemo" with it. I named it "Ke-$-ha" which is pronounced "Kay-money... Continue Reading →

summer means…

the smell of sunscreen as my perfume never brushing my hair sand between my toes the buzz of bugs flying into string lights and tiki torches at night free slurpee day at 711 campfires and jam sessions paddleboating on the... Continue Reading →

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