Fav Moment of the Day – napping in the sun in the backyard, reading magazines, drinking soda…ahhh summatime!

Second Fav Moment of the Day – hanging out with baby McKayla, cutest and most well-behaved child ever. We ate green beans and rice baby food, which looked like vomit, she laughed when I put on CMT and danced for her, we played in the kiddie pool, and pretended to talk on the phone. It was adorable.

Today I am wearing…nothing.

  • jk workout clothes but these pants are so hot and unnecessary…I’m trying to summon the strength to jog in 106billion degrees right now…but I just found tater tots in the fridge I had forgotten about and bought a new bottle of wine….choices choices!!

This weekend I…

  • went he Giants/As game on Friday night..tailgated with Keith and the family, played beer pong with grapes with my little cousins. They are actually really good. But no, we did not let them have any of the “adult juice.”
  • sang at church
  • had a Father’s Day BBQ with my smorgasbord of male relatives. I bought them backscratchers and Ace Hardware giftcards and it was pretty much the best I’ve done on Father’s Day. Go me!
  • Found new roomie!! She is sweet and I’m crossing my fingers does not turn out to be the next Craigslist killer. L has completely moved out, but J isn’t moving in for another month, so M and I are stuck with big bills and lots of silence…we’ll manage. But I hope new girl proves to be more than a roomie, more like a friend. Partner in crime. If she’ll go karaoke with me, I’ll know its love.
  • Fell asleep watching “Troy.” There is so much man-candy in it and I wanted to see it for “research” for my Roman history lessons in Latin class….but….yikes that movie moves slowly. And why does everyone have a British accent? They were Greeks and Turks for crying out loud. Yawn. Also Helen was Greek…probably not blonde and blue eyed. I know its a Hollywood film, not a documentary, but….boo.

This week I am going to…

  • visit Sophie in SLO – hiking, farmers market, and Madonna Inn pink champagne cake! ooh lala sister time!
  • hang out with family
  • watch “the bachelorette” and soak up the drama
  • send off all my documentation for the teacher credentialing program! for reals this time! haha
  • Giants game on Wednesday to celebrate my grandparents’ wedding anniversary…47 years I think.
  • play some volleyball!

Songs that the radio needs to stop playing for the summer…

  • hey soul sister – train
  • rolling in the deep – adele
  • dynamite – except at Giants games, with the video with Keenan and Bwils and Cody. Acceptable then.
  • Everything by Bruno Mars. Seriously. Stop.

Questions of the day…

Last night as I lay down in bed, at a relatively early hour, because I wanted to get up and work out before the heat of the day, I noticed a small but menacing spider on my ceiling, directly above me. I wasn’t able to sleep for hours after that, with the urban legends about how many spiders humans swallow annually in their sleep swirling through my brain. So I looked it up, and it turns out there are lots of great urban legends about spiders. Check out this website to see just how many spiders we swallow in our sleep:


This guy is a spider expert and has compiled questions and answers to some of our greatest concerns.

But I still want to know how they walk on the ceiling.