So, as mentioned, my besties and work pals and partners in crime are moving away…actually we’re saying goodbye on Saturday. One to Colorado, one to Brazil! We’ve been doing a lot of end of the year wrap up sessions at work, and I’m really starting to realize they are actually going and thinking about what my life is going to be like, especially at work, is hard. And now trying to find a new roommate, and we keep striking out and its starting to feel a little desperate…I don’t want to leave my little house, I don’t want to live with a bummer of a roommate, I’m not quite ready to to throw in the towel and move back in with my parents…

All that to say, THANK GOD for trash tv like the Bach to keep me going!  A solid hour and a half of mind candy. Hot guys, one silly girl, fantasy dates, and oh the drama!!! And is is just me, or are they going on the exotic locations earlier in the season? Phuket, Thailand…there’s so many jokes in that, I don’t even know where to start! Should probably just skip it. :)

One on one with Constantine…I love the name, L and J do not. How do you shorten and nickname that? Tina? He looks like the other guy…the winemaker guy…they could be twins! They are both hot. He’s a restaurant owner from Georgia…I like both those things! Traveling together is a huge make-or-break….you have to be able to be spontaneous and esPECIALLY not let the rain get you down. That’s important. So when the bad weather happened, it was cute and funny that he suggested shopping…kinda cool. I loved all the cute colorful houses in Thailand, and how he just wanted to talk to locals, that is precious. Loved the set up with the wise old guy. It was nice to see a “normal” type date between Ashley and another guy. And I think he was smart to say that it was kind of better that the original date plan was ruined (to kayak) because they would have spent so much time doing the physical activity and Ashley teaching him how to kayak that they couldn’t have talked like they did and felt like a normal couple, wandering around. It was a good situation. I like him. I give this date a thumbs up. Also loved the ginormous turquoise ring Ash was rockin. Do you think people are giving her a little “wrap it up” signal when its time for the “will you accept this rose?” speech at the end of a date?

I thought it was great of them to work at the orphanage…that’s a situation I would need to put a potential future spouse into, volunteer work, to see how they react and what they think about it. Serving others is something really important to me, so I would need to know that it is important to him, too. It was funny to see all the Alpha Males come out and bag on Ryan, who was clearly in his element. Ben’s elefante was super cute. :)

Ames got one of the other one on ones…I’m attracted to Ames because he’s different. The same way I’m attracted to guys with an eye patch or a stutter. I like to think that they have something against them that makes them humble, flying under the radar of shady women creatures, a mystery that I will solve. Even If he looks like his forehead is “about to give birth.”

So West goes home…my roommate has taken to calling him “wife-murderer,” as we have read some shady things about him in People magazine regarding the death of his wife. It does sound a little suspicious, but mostly I am not sure he is ready for something…but you sure are sweet and of luck. Call me… :)

And is Ryan that big of a cheesy goob all the time? He reminds me of Jake, but less dweeby. Less like I want to smack that smile off his face.

Love that this season Chris seems to be encouraging the rose ceremony rebellion!! But Ashley….Rose ceremony dress? Eh. Not my fav.

Next week’s preview looks juuuuuicy!!! AHHHHH.

See you next time.