Fav Moment of the Day – waking up to see my fishy!! Part of me may have bought the fish just to be able to reenact scenes from “Finding Nemo” with it. I named it “Ke-$-ha” which is pronounced “Kay-money sign- ha!” and it’s middle name is Stevie Wonder and it’s last name is Wilson, and it’s nickname is Squirrelypants. I let my students have a contest to see who could come up with the best name for my fish. This is a combination of three winners. I came up with Squirrelypants because I like naming animals with the name of other animals. (My last fish was named Mr. Puppy.) Because it is named somewhat after that terrible pop singer, I bought it glow-in-the-dark leaves and a cool pirate castle. Its a pretty badass fish, I can already tell.

Second Fav Moment of the Day – waking up on a Monday and having to go to work BUT not having to teach children. We’re doing teacher work days, which are lame, but oh, to walk around campus in shorts! No screaming! No one asking me questions!!! yippee!!

Today I am wearing…nothing.

  • jk im wearing a cute floral dress and yellow scarf and leggings and shoes. guess what? I wore this same thing yesterday to church, but no one I’m seeing today saw me in it! haha! I’m so green.

This weekend I…

  • went to THREE Giants’ games in THREE DAYS!!! We had some pretty good seats for the first two games, Saturday was Winefest and I got a bottle stopper with the WS Trophy on it and took a five minute nap in the sun because we lost so hard. Thank goodness we won yesterday. Ps Pat Burrell – you are on my short list until you get it together. PPS I’m getting pretty tired of this injury curse we have going on here….Freddy, I love you!
  • went to church and had another mission trip meeting! I love teaching silly songs in Spanish and making grownups sing in mouse voices and do hand-motions.
  • have started taking the toe on walks again! It went on a tiny jog yesterday…only about twenty minutes jogging out of 40 minutes…but it kinda hurts. :( But I’m glad I can work out.
  • had a mcflurry. mmmm summer!

This week I am going to…

  • hopefully find a new roomie!
  • throw another bridal shower!
  • celebrate stepdaddy’s bday
  • watch “the bachelorette” and soak up the drama
  • finish up with school, including a big meeting with me bosses :/
  • send off all my documentation for the teacher credentialing program!
  • Giants/A’s game
  • goodbye dinner for J and L!
  • big night out in the City for M’s bday!!! :) Surprises in store!!
  • take some boys “flocking” as winners from our auction
  • Sing at church on Sunday

Sweet songs that came up on my run yesterday that I had forgotten about…

  • st teresa – joan osbourne
  • kiss me thru da phone – soulja boy
  • american boy – estelle f. kanye
  • signed, sealed, delivered – stevie wonder
  • particle – better than ezra

Questions of the day…

Do fish pee?

Can fish drown?

Is the scary fish from Finding Nemo a real fish?