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Feb 21 - Day Eleven - Happy birthday, Jenna! "isn't she perdy" - said in grandma great voice It’s my sister’s birthday today! She’s celebrating in Seattle with our aunts and cousins. Family birthdays are something I always miss about... Continue Reading →

RintheBay: So long, sweet summer

Thirty days in the States and the following has come to my attention: It’s super weird to wear shoes inside the house. Ranch is the best flavor. It’s nice to feel like a normal-sized person. It’s nice to wave and... Continue Reading →

(Not) Leaving on a Jetplane

I had a fear of flying for many years. We didn't fly a lot when I was younger, and once I was almost left in an airport on the Washington DC trip (buying Cheetos as a snack when the plane... Continue Reading →

Challenge. Brian. Bigfoot. Casual. (281)

A while back I started this "challenge" to help me keep up with my blogging during the school/work year, when I am reading and writing so much that to blog becomes either an escape that keeps me from doing the... Continue Reading →

271: 28 Days

Today is April Fool's Day. And in 28 days, on April 28th, I will be 28. No fooling. I never, ever, thought I would be this old. Ever. When you are growing up, you tend to think of the next... Continue Reading →

267: Hunger Games and Sisters

We went to a sneak "hunger games" last night, because my aunt and uncle got the hook up. its pretty sweet - free happy hour at cheesecake factory and then see a movie before anyone else can? yeah...yeah i think... Continue Reading →

222: Single for the Holidays – and Grateful for it

This week, when millions of single, childless twenty- and thirty-something professionals head back home for the holidays, is a funny time for those of us in that demographic. We're used to our own agendas, our own homes and apartments, a... Continue Reading →

Monday Round UP

Fav Moment of the Day - napping in the sun in the backyard, reading magazines, drinking soda...ahhh summatime! Second Fav Moment of the Day - hanging out with baby McKayla, cutest and most well-behaved child ever. We ate green beans... Continue Reading →

107 – Monday Round UP

Fav Moment of the Day: reading some super cute letters thanking me for coming to speak at chapel on Friday from the fifth graders. They're excited to have me as a teacher next year, which is sweet. I'm just glad... Continue Reading →

104 – Monday Round UP

Fav moment of the weekend -My little sister came home from SLO to surprise me for my belated birthday bash! Although my mom was kiiiiinda giving it away with some weird text messages, it was still such a nice surprise... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Reasons I love the SF Giants

10. Murph and Mac, Kruk and Kuip, Jon Miller, Renel, Amy G (can I have your job PLEASE?!), Dave Flemming....everything that is CSN/ESPN and especially KNBR about the Giants. I love our announcers, the commentary, the sounds of their voices, the... Continue Reading →

66 – Monday Round Up

Favorite moment of the day - finding a trader joes chocolate on my desk from a student. she never said anything, i didn't notice her putting it there, and when i dismissed them to lunch and sank back in my... Continue Reading →

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