Fav Moment of the Day: reading some super cute letters thanking me for coming to speak at chapel on Friday from the fifth graders. They’re excited to have me as a teacher next year, which is sweet. I’m just glad chapel is over and I was coherent enough on all the drugs and little sleep I was on post-toe episode of Thursday night.

Second Fav Moment of the Day: My 8th graders just finished taking their Latin final. They will never take Latin again, as like no high schools offer it. And the Moment was when I said they could turn their books in or throw them away, and several said they wanted to keep them and would ask me to email them assignments. Precious! Ten bucks says they end up burning it a few weeks from now.

Unfavorite Moment of the Day: When I got into work and there was a big note on my computer saying not to use it because it was super infected with a virus. what the what?! Boo. Also, the elementary school band was practicing for their Spring concert ALL. DAY. right underneath my room, and as my room was originally meant to be a closet, I have no insulation. it was muy terible!

Right now I am wearing…

  • cal poly sweatpants that Sophie bought me for Christmas one year because I kept stealing hers.
  • tank top
  • pretty earrings
  • ice pack on toe.

This week I am going to…

  • go to gLee!! so pumped. our seats are way up high but I don’t care, we’ll be dancing and singing along and that way we won’t bother too many people behind us.
  • go to the giants game on Wednesday and its Keenan Kahill night!! I love this kid!!
  • go out to dinner with my Israeli bestie Beth!! I haven’t seen her in almost two years, and she came home for Jess’ wedding. Stoked!
  • then my besties Ry and Traci will FINALLY be here!! I am so excited for them to come visit, see my classroom and my tiny little house, and then hang out in the city and do fun things.
  • get Monday off of schooooooooooool yeah baby!!!

This weekend I…

  • celebrated J finishing her MCATs with an epic big family game night at AT&T, some club level seats. Perfect.
  • A family friend at the last minute gave us a free night in a hotel room in the city, so Jenna and I stayed the night Saturday and ordered room service and just passed out. Watched some HGTV the next morning. It was great.
  • Graded things forever.
  • Had frozen yogurt.

I am most happy about…

  • being reunited with so many people I love this week. Thank God for planes that will bring them home to me every once in a while.