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RinYAYarea: different kinds of home

We've all been held hostage by group text messages; I'm currently being updated on my aunt's availability to return something to Chico's with my grandma after her volunteer service at the library. But I kind of like the pain of... Continue Reading →

Gringa Diaries: Balling in BA

After turning Ry's brain to mush through a carefully calculated package plan of sun, drinks, sand, and a diet consisting solely of meat/cheese/starch, and no hurries, no worries here in Rio, we boarded a plane to Buenos Aires. Fun fact... Continue Reading →

RinR: I Tour Guide Real Good

We live in a changing world - my first big trip through Europe I was scrambling for Euros whenever I spotted an internet cafe to quickly write error-laden emails home (due to whatever language keyboard quirks I was dealing with)... Continue Reading →

RinR: Playing Tour Guide, NYE, Cheese Penis, a Friend

My first visitor! I think a place truly starts to feel like "home" when you have someone visit and you get to play tour guide. I'm fulfilling a lifelong dream of mine to be one of those "Jungle Cruise" guides... Continue Reading →

My Season of “The Bachelorette” – Part One

Okay, I've given up on this season. I give up at some point every season, but this year, I more give up. The Bach has been on for...20 seasons? We're just shamelessly recycling plot lines. How many times have we... Continue Reading →

Funemployment: Wide Open Spaces

As I mentioned in my last blog, I have quit my job for looooooove. How romantic. :) To celebrate this, and the idea of love in general (my grandparents 50th year anniversary of being married and not killing each other),... Continue Reading →

“It’s the hard that makes it great” dailyprompt: silver screen

There is a great moment in "A League of Their Own" (watch it here), when Dottie is planning on going back to Oregon with her husband Bob, and her manager confronts her about her choice: Jimmy Dugan: Shit, Dottie, if... Continue Reading →

Cupid’s Arrow

The Daily Post Challenge for Valentine's Day was a good one - Write an ode to someone or something that you love. I love a good ode. I know I'm a few days late on this one, but I've been... Continue Reading →

Flawed (303)

To try and help inspire writing, I am subscribed to a writing prompt that is delivered daily to my inbox. However, I have a terrible habit of reading emails on my phone and then never looking at them again. The... Continue Reading →

230: Top10! Things I loves about Portland

This year, instead of subjecting ourselves to the nausea-inducing New Year's Eve cliche, chronically single best friends Ryann and I embarked on a road trip to change our lives and get us away from the typical. We headed up to... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Things. Maybe. Probably not.

Its trendy to make resolutions for the new year. Its so trendy to not make resolutions. I want to start a new trend. Ridiculous resolutions. Join me. My first is to tweet from every public restroom I visit for the... Continue Reading →

152 – I’m goin goin, back back to college college…

Just talked to my bestie Ry in New York...she's getting excited for her hurricane to arrive. "I LOVE natural disasters coming towards me!" That is a direct quote. I helped walk her through our makeshift preparedness plan..I suggested she buy... Continue Reading →

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