photoAs I mentioned in my last blog, I have quit my job for looooooove. How romantic. :) To celebrate this, and the idea of love in general (my grandparents 50th year anniversary of being married and not killing each other), boyfriend and I got in a car (I’m still afraid of planes) and drove a million hours to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Foot of Yellowstone, glacier peaks, the Tetons, moose, bears hoping to wrestle with me, way too much food and drink and family for a week.

900 miles, three gas fillups, one baby tumbleweed, land so flat that we could see the beginning AND the end of a train.

I realized that I don’t trust anyone or anything in Nevada. This might have something to due with how many episodes of Xfiles I have seen. I just think that everyone living out in the middle of nowhere is involved in a cult/religious uprising/government conspiracy/hiding from the law. After dinner at a casino, because nothing else is open that late on a Sunday (past 7pm), we found one dingy motel room with outlets that didn’t work, but managed to have a bottle opener attached to the bathroom sink, and stopped for the night.

photo (1)We woke in the morning to drive the final three something hours, and I felt like I kept having to take pictures and to pick my jaw up off the floor. We are in the the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. The sky is so big. The air tastes like clouds and the sun feels brighter somehow. People are happy and friendly, and I’ve seen four meese. I hear water rushing all around me, everything is green green green and full of promise and all I want to do is hike to the top of something tall and then roll down the hill.

Tomorrow we are taking a river float down a river where we are guaranteed to meet a bear that wants to be friendly with me. Then we plan on letting the town of Jackson Hole, with it’s many cowboy bars, showing us a thing or two about how to have a good time.

photo (4)I am so, so, so happy. To be drinking in fresh air, eating BBQ everything, nothing better to do but have a good time. Everything about the rest of life will get really real in a few weeks, but for now, it’s just 5 o’clock right here.