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My Facebook Pledge of Baby Goats, Food, Sunshine, etc.

I like attention (pretend to be surprised). I love making people laugh and feel loved, I've got a reaction to or opinion about almost anything, I make a lot of noise. So Facebook is really exciting place for me. It's amazing... Continue Reading →

Traveling Alone (but not lonely!) in London

While in London, a city I have been to before, I just wanted to walk. I was so excited to be off the tour bus, out of a hostel (getting a bit too old for bunk beds and drunk strangers stumbling... Continue Reading →

So long, Sweet Summer (288)

Forgive me, readers, for I have lived away from my blog. It has been two months since my last post. A lot has gone down this summer, and my Fall is going to be busier. It's my fourth year of... Continue Reading →

107 – Monday Round UP

Fav Moment of the Day: reading some super cute letters thanking me for coming to speak at chapel on Friday from the fifth graders. They're excited to have me as a teacher next year, which is sweet. I'm just glad... Continue Reading →

104 – Monday Round UP

Fav moment of the weekend -My little sister came home from SLO to surprise me for my belated birthday bash! Although my mom was kiiiiinda giving it away with some weird text messages, it was still such a nice surprise... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries – Moments in Junior High

It’s the end of the year, and I asked my students to write some reflections about our year together in Latin. Here are some of the cute or funny ones, that I will remember on a rainy day when students... Continue Reading →

101 – Monday Round UP

Fav moment of the day - my secretary was eating some yummy looking cherries. I'm allergic to most fruit, but thought "hey, I might not be allergic to these." I popped a few in my mouth, and after about ten... Continue Reading →

96 – Monday Round UP

Fav moment of the day - one of my eighth grade boys said he had a birthday present for me...I was to close my eyes and stick out my hands. This is not something you normally do around 13 year... Continue Reading →

63 – Teaching Diaries: TGIFreaking couldn’t teach a minute longer this week

I've had some rough teaching days this week. The kind that make me yearn for another time that I've read about in story books, when the teacher could stick a kid in a corner and make them stop whatever they... Continue Reading →

Why Experts Are Not the Best Teachers

Why Experts Are Not the Best Teachers.   I may have found a kindred spirit.

20 – A reason I can laugh while teaching junior high…

This week I'm in the middle of progress reports, and giving some major Latin tests, which is nice, because all the students are quiet when they take tests. But I have to come up with 146 different catch phrases to... Continue Reading →

12 – Teacher Diaries: I think I LIKE like my job today.

Junior highers are so presh sometimes. Remember being at that age? Their hormones are the driving forces behind everything. They look like little adults, they think they are little adults, but they still have a loooong ways to go. One... Continue Reading →

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