Fav moment of the day – my secretary was eating some yummy looking cherries. I’m allergic to most fruit, but thought “hey, I might not be allergic to these.” I popped a few in my mouth, and after about ten minutes, I walked upstairs to teach a 7th grade Latin class. Then my lip exPLODED. My tongue had bumps, my lips puffed up, my throat felt swollen. My class started freaking out. I said “I don’t want to alarm you, but I may stop breathing.” I called my secretary and she came upstairs, half laughing half angry that I had taken the risk. (Sorry, Cinder, its just part of my charm!) and then proceeded to spoon feed me children’s Benedryl in front of the class. I had forgotten how yummy that was. My students laughed at me. And then one hour later, I felt like I had been hit by a truck…the “magic nap drug” forced me to take a tiny siesta in the teacher’s lounge, curled up on the couch like a blissed out kitten.

Second favorite moment of the day – Planting new plants!!! I am a garden nerd. I planted tomatoes and petunias. I had to dig up last year’s garden things, and found tons of nuts the @#$@#%^ squirrels had been hiding in my plants. I’m gonna get a bee bee gun and wack some of them. Also found lots of pincher bugs and spideys. Ew. I tried to be brave.

Right now I am wearing…

  • black pencil skirt, blue tank top, grey flowery cardigan. Very teacher-y.
  • glasses. i ordered new ones today from costco!! super stoked!!

This week I am going to…

  • go out to sushi with jess and j9 and talk wedding stuff
  • work out every day. I promise.
  • go to the GIANTS game!!! So excited to share the night with some of my besties from teaching. We’s gon have some midweek fun!! Very necessary after a long week of standardized testing at school.
  • Have a Justin Bieber movie night with some of my favorite eighth grade girls…they are so excited I’ve agreed to hang out. They promised cookies.
  • at some point, I will sleep.

The songs I’ve listened to most recently, according to my ipod:

  • *99 Red Balloons – Nena
  • *Jump (For your Love) – The Pointer Sisters. These first two are because Ry gave me a birthday CD with a bunch of hits from 1984, and my birth year was one kickass year for music. Everytime I heard “Jump” I picture Hugh Grant dancing in “Love Actually.”
  • *Girl, I Wanna Lay You Down – ALO. Memories of UCSB come flooding over me when I hear this song. I instantly thirst for a Bud Light, Freebirds nachos, and the beach.
  • *Wonderful – Adam Ant – I recently remembered this song, which was my fav for a few years in a row. A real feel gooder. Go download.

This weekend I…

  • had the house to myself!!! It was lonely, quiet, and awesome. I cleaned, did laundry, played guitar really loud, took bubble baths, and worked out.
  • watched giants games.
  • had Los Panchos with family to celebrate my cousin L coming home from college.
  • sang at church
  • did mother’s day BLTs and my family birthday party. it was lovely. my great grandma and I had the same conversation eight times. (she’s old.)

Today I ate

  • coffee and almond milk
  • grapes
  • pita chips
  • homemade taco salad
  • costco samples. yummy.

I am most happy about:

  • a little birthday karaoke session coming up this weekend at a super divey dive bar!! I <3 karaoke.