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RinR: It can only be up from here, right?

When we last left off, I was enjoying AC and wine and Ranch dressing at a hotel bar in Phoenix after my flight to Rio had been canceled. I then jumped into my stars and stripes bikini and commanded the... Continue Reading →

RinR: The One About Food and Nonsense

Something really important happened to me last week. I found a Brazilian snack that isn’t at all like Cheetos but it is fulfilling a deep need within me to crunch something poofy and leave a slightly chalky taste in my... Continue Reading →

RinR: Frosting, Hip Thrusts, Spider Bites

"But why are apples so boring and cupcake so delicious? This is first thing I asking Jesus when I go to Heaven." -- what I would classify as a legitimate question from one of my students last week, when I tried... Continue Reading →


Giiiiiiirl I have created wine popsicles. And the world will never be the same. You know how you find a recipe on Pinterest, and you're like, "that sounds amazing, but Martha Stewart I am not." (something funny I did this... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day when You’re Single, and Other Times Calories Don’t Count.

Valentine's Day when you're not single, but your significant other is not there Christmas Your birthday When you're sad At the movies Your birthday eve Girls night out Girls night in Before the age of 25 Funerals and funeral after... Continue Reading →

Slainte! Days 1-3 of Ireland Travel

Day two...or is it three? Ireland is green, friendly, loud, drunk! I survived my flights here with the help of the hilarious couple next to me, Emma and Artur. They looked about 14 years old, maybe 20, and had met... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Reasons to Love Orange

10. Orange (and Black) means Halloween. What other holiday encourages you to dress like a superhero or sexy monster and eat candy until you puke? I love the pumpkins, candy corn, the little kids who don't know what to say... Continue Reading →

A Year in Statii (305)

I like lists. I like lists a lot. I like making them and checking things off on them. I like Top Anything lists, too. And something about the end of the year makes us look back on the last 360... Continue Reading →

Allergies. Exceptions. Turtles. Giggles.

I just ate some spicy Thai pasta chicken salad concoction from Trader Joes. It was exciting because it was spicy enough that it cleared my sinuses, and it also had carrots and some celery in it, which I am allergic... Continue Reading →

175 – $100 Dare

For a challenge, and I'll tell you why later, I've decided to not grocery shop for as long as possible. I'm just going to eat whatever i have in the house, in whatever combinations come up. I think it will... Continue Reading →

“Beer is proof that God Loves us…

...and wants us to be happy..." I think that is a Dave Barry quote. I love any quote that can tie together my love for Jesus and justify how much I enjoy a cold beverage with feelings. Like the great... Continue Reading →

135 – Tomatoes, zombies, cheezits, cars. Average day, really.

I have so much to do. So much, that I had to write it down and make a list. Sometimes, when I make these lists, i put down things that are almost already done, so I can finish them and... Continue Reading →

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