I like lists. I like lists a lot. I like making them and checking things off on them. I like Top Anything lists, too. And something about the end of the year makes us look back on the last 360 something days and feel like condensing all the moments into bullet points.

In the spirit of technology, I’ve decided to condense my year into status updates. Read as tiny nuggets into my life. They focus mainly on teaching junior high, the Giants, food, being in school, and frozen yogurt. Which pretty much sums up my life!

  • Dec 4 – “I don’t trust girls who wear makeup and their hair down at the gym.”
  • Nov 6 – “I think people who use Facebook to vent angry political views are cotton headed ninny muggins. I’m stoked Obama won. Now lets all get on with our lives and get back to posting pictures of cats and what we ate for dinner.”
  • 539484_10100750977596707_1711227362_n.jpgOctober 24 – “I’m going to the World Series tonight! Dreams do come true! I am so so so excited. :)”  85 likes
  • October 9 – “Grading sixth grade essays on the influence of the Romans. Learning quite a lot. “The Romans invented candles to see at night, in case you were upstairs. Today we use candles for romance and the smell of a clean house, maybe.””
  • October 7 – “I’m not sure it’s possible to overdose on guacamole. But I’m enjoying the challenge.”
  • September 19 – “to find a bag of M&Ms you’d forgotten that you had hid from yourself….this is the wonder and magic of life.”
  • September 15 – “the salad is done when there are no more croutons left. am i right? i know im right.”
  • August 6 – “My little brother just peed in a cup in the backseat. This is officially a family road trip.”
  • IMG_4280July 19 – “boyfriend doesn’t think i can cook. little does he know that i am pretending i can’t cook, this is just a brilliant conspiracy so that he will continue cooking for the rest of our relationship. i am GENIUS.
  • who are we kidding…i eat chicken nuggets and frozen yogurt like they are the only two food groups in a tiny, tiny pyramid surrounded by a red wine moat.”
  • July 16 – “last day of summer school…i never thought I’d love teaching special ed so much. can’t believe i’ll probably never see my kids again!
    Fav moment:
    Me: “What does an anteater eat?”
    Kid: “Burritos?”
  • July 13 – “For my next pet, I would like an Ewok. And more wine.”
  • June 27 – “How to trick people into thinking you’re famous: carry a guitar, wear a hat, leggings and cardigan, order a glass of wine at an airport bar. I’ve never been so popular. — at Oakland International Airport.”
  • June 25 – “we’ve got a runner.” – things I get to say while teaching special Ed.”
  • June 8 – Junior High Quote of the Day: “I only wear a sweatshirt if my mom is cold.”
  • June 6 – “ATTENTION: I have a freckle in my left armpit! – This important discovery brought to you by the 50 page paper I have 22 more pages of to write tonight.”
  • May 21 – “Eat frozen yogurt like its a food group. Thats my motto.”
  • May 1 – “Power outage at my school means that I am in a pitch black windowless room with junior highers pretending to be attacked by zombies and screaming bloody murder…great day!”
  • things my kids say.
    things my kids say.

    April 26 – “Miss WEIGHT! I have little brothers but…those pictures were terrible!” – 6th grade girl after Sex Ed. Bahahaha teaching is hilarious sometimes.

  • March 20 – “Just made my first quinoa batch…someone help me describe this flavor? Squishy rice nuggets is all I got.”
  • Feb 7 – “it would be nice if someone could just tell me what I’m supposed to be doing a few years from now, so I could start heading that direction, instead of sitting on my couch, in sweats, eating my third meal of pizza today.”
  • Jan 30 – “Pretty sure my neighbors are pirates. Facts: never in shirts, British accents, boat, always drinking rum. Think I might join in their villainy! Sounds more fun than teaching stinky middle schoolers. Pillage!”
  • Jan 25 – “”If it’s got tires or testicles, it’s gonna give you trouble. It’s gonna hurt and it’s gonna cost money.” – Advise from my Grandma.”