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A Year in Statii (305)

I like lists. I like lists a lot. I like making them and checking things off on them. I like Top Anything lists, too. And something about the end of the year makes us look back on the last 360... Continue Reading →

Top 10 – Mini Animals!!!

Alright, animals 10-6 have been crowned. If you missed that riveting piece of hard-hitting journalism, click here for the previous post of this future Nobel-Prize-Winning Blog. 5. Brookesia Minima Chameleon - Holy Chamelon, Batman! This thing is uber-cute! He can be... Continue Reading →

May the Fourth be with you…Always

I love Star Wars. My first crush was on Han Solo. What a hottie. Love that cocksure attitude, the way he handled the Millennium Falcon, the way he answered Princess Leia's confession of "I love you" with "I know," as... Continue Reading →

twenty5 things about me.

1. my favorite flowers are sweet peas. neither sweet nor peas. talk amongst yourselves. 2. my favorite food is cottage cheese. totally plain, right out of the carton, with a fork. 3. im scared of horses. i blame summer camp... Continue Reading →

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