Alright, animals 10-6 have been crowned. If you missed that riveting piece of hard-hitting journalism, click here for the previous post of this future Nobel-Prize-Winning Blog.

i want one on my desk.

5. Brookesia Minima Chameleon – Holy Chamelon, Batman! This thing is uber-cute!

He can be found carefully navigating bark and leaves among the trees of Madagascar, no doubt calling out a polite “excuse me!” when he needs to pass by someone larger than him, which would be everything.

At full grown, he is no more than the size of your fingernail. I imagine that Pascal from Tangled was modeled after him. Oh I gotta watch that movie again pronto!

excuse me. i felled down.

4. Mini Horse! 

Meet Thumbelina, a real-life mini-horse.

She stands a mere 17 inches tall, no bigger than a house cat!

She has a fan club and website full of information here:

She loves tea parties, tutus, soy hay, and often tours the country, raising money for children in need. Presh.

double your fun!

3. Mini hedgehogs!

I don’t hang out with normal hedgehogs. I’m not sure where they live or what they do. They look like the cousin to the porcupine, and everyone knows that’s God’s joke on the world. So I suppose these creatures are just as entertaining.

I can tell you with a fact that they are so cute that looking at pictures of them made me nauseous. They look like they would be very happy to burrow under my comforter and watch Harry Potter with me all day long. I would use them as feet warmers. So cute.

hold me.

2. Morkie Puppies! Yes, I realize that having a niece as a Morkie Puppy makes me a wee bit biased, but this is my blog and I get to say. I’m used to normal-sized dogs, i.e. Labs, Golden Retrievers, etc. I think they go all the way down to say, your French Bulldog. Then they come in purse-sized, and that’s when I classify them as “mini.”

And the Morkie, cousin to the Ewok, is among the cutest of them all.

If you need further proof, check out my Youtubes of Darcy, my niece Morkie. (Don’t judge me. I was unemployed!)

Here is a song I wrote to her, “Puppy Massage.” Think Phoebe Buffay with a dog.

And the number one cutest mini aminal is…..

pig in boots!

1. MINI PIG!!!!!!

Since I first laid eyes on these creatures of the sty, I have wanted one for my very own! They can paint, they like the beach, they are great for the environment!

Baaaa raaaa mewww

Also this video shows a very realistic portrayal of what your life could look like with your brood of tiny swine. Invest in one today!