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Tuesday Top 10s

Funemployment: My Top 10 Favs about our Road Trip

I just got back from a week traveling with my boyfriend and family to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to celebrate my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. It was fun, it was exhausting, it was beautiful. Ten Things I Loved: 10. Food. This... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Ways the Technology is Sucking Out My Soul (and probably yours, too) (301)

10. GPS - I have a love/hate relationship with GPS. I remember fondly the days of getting the swim team roster and pulling out the Thomas Brothers mapbook, looking up the addresses of all the cute boys. I miss feeling my... Continue Reading →

Guide for Guys: How to Get a Girl in 10 Days

Most men will complain that women are complex, complicated creatures. And I agree that we are like a many layered onion...layer built upon layer, each more delicious and intense than the last...but honestly, when it comes down to it, I... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Hot British Actors

When one speaks with a British accent, you sound instantly more clever and attractive. Fact. Your IQ level hasn't changed a whit, and your teeth may be in twelve different directions, but you sound like a philosopher, a poet, a... Continue Reading →

Top 10 – Mini Animals!!!

Alright, animals 10-6 have been crowned. If you missed that riveting piece of hard-hitting journalism, click here for the previous post of this future Nobel-Prize-Winning Blog. 5. Brookesia Minima Chameleon - Holy Chamelon, Batman! This thing is uber-cute! He can be... Continue Reading →

Top10: Everything looks good in mini! – Mini Animals

I desperately need to get some school work done. I confused my deadline when with grades are posted, so I have two weeks to do four weeks worth of work. Of course I'm googling pictures of mini-animals. Due to the... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Things I Heart about Fall

Autumn can be a little depressing...especially if your favorite baseball team is no longer making this an Orange October for you. Or if you live in California, where Mother Nature decides to extend summer an extra six weeks while the... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Disney’s Hottest Princesses

By popular demand...I write this follow-up to my controversial "Disney's Hottest (Cartoon) Men." For research, I went on a high school retreat with my church, driving four teenage boys to Santa Cruz in traffic provided plenty of time to debate... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Disney’s Hottest (Cartoon) “Men.”

A few days ago, I wrote about seeing "Lion King 3D" and my somewhat weird feelings about Simba. He's hot. He's a lion. He makes me giggle. And I hope Nala is good enough for him. Today I am struggling... Continue Reading →

HowGirlsWork: Top10 Things about a Girls Night Out (160)

My middle name is "Danger." At one point in my life, it could have been "Party." I LOVED going out and all that it entailed. But with a fulltime job and going back to school. I am a little bit... Continue Reading →

Top 10 – Things I enjoy about going back to school

I teach junior high Latin and Spanish, direct a drama program, and coach girls' volleyball. My job is challenging, but its usually pretty sweet. I've been off for the summer (yeah, yeah I know) and it was mostly fantastic, but... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Awesome Things about Weddings

Weddings truly are fantastic. People love each other, and want to be together forever? That's a beautiful thing. By no means all inclusive, I present a list of things I love about attending/being in weddings. 10. Guys look great in... Continue Reading →

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