I teach junior high Latin and Spanish, direct a drama program, and coach girls’ volleyball. My job is challenging, but its usually pretty sweet. I’ve been off for the summer (yeah, yeah I know) and it was mostly fantastic, but I gotta say, towards the end, I was really ready to get back to school. My first day back at teaching is Aug 30, and here are some things I’m really looking forward to…

10. Getting back in a routine. Boring, I know. But I’ve come to know myself well enough to realize that I make bad choices if given too much freedom with my time. I do really enjoy spontaneity, but there is something incredibly satisfying and adult-like about getting up at the same time everyday, the coffee already brewing in the kitchen, waving to the secretary, checking your mail box, opening your door, settling into your desk, tackling emails and getting it done. i feel incredibly productive during the work year, and like a pudgy sloth during the summer.

9. SUPPLIES!!! I love paper! Power staplers! Highlighters! Laminating things! ahhhh its too fun! Remember that movie “Office Space” and the hilarious scene where they beat the snot out of the copy machine to some sick ganster rap? I love using machines like that. And even when it beeps at me and spits out four hundred transparencies when I needed one piece of cardstock, I love trying to fix the problem. Until the secretaries can’t stand the sounds of me reading directions outloud and gasping when it beeps and they come fix it for me. I love choosing what neon piece of paper to put everything on, and hole-punching things. And the paper cutter!

8. Packing a lunch. I don’t know why, but I really enjoy buying all kinds of good food on Sunday, and then making a really delish sammy, adding a drink and some goldfish crackers (the new kind with the smiley faces on them? I don’t know who takes the time to do that, but it makes my day), and writing my name on a brown paper bag to stick in the faculty fridge.

7. A captive audience. This may come as a shock, but I tend to enjoy attention. And when I teach, for better or for worse, I have 22 new students every hour whose parents are paying me to entertain teach them! Great practice for any stand-up comedian or actress. And of course, those of us passionate about education and the well-being of future generations, etc. etc.

Woman putting on lipstick
i totally look like this when i get ready for school.

6. Getting dressed up. I loved that at the Independent, I could literally wear sweats to work if I wanted to, or my homemade “Mistakes were made” tshirt. And at the restaurant, there was something comforting in never thinking about what I had to wear, just throwing on a uniform. But I love getting to dress up and feel cute.

…to be continued…actual school work beckons!!!