I am writing this on a borrowed laptop (gracias a la Debbie!) from my bed (which I never do) late on a school night. !! School hasn’t even officially started and I’ve already given up on all my glorious plans to break bad habits and be in bed early. A shipment containing some

hello, handsome alien chaser.

half-off DVDs I’d ordered last week in a moment of weakness (Tangled, Jane Eyre, Xfiles Season 6! oh my!) is not helping my cause. I just want to lay awake all night and listen to Mulder’s monotone not solve any cases, and hold my breath whenever he and Scully touch. Those naughty FBI agents.

Actually last night I tried watching an episode and got scared and had to watch a happy one so I could go to sleep. Tonight I was trying to watch “Tangled” and there was an earthquake! Part of me thinks that God send it to judge me because earlier in the day I was mocking everyone’s frantic facebook status updates from the East Coast with their seismic rumblings….I sat in a towel on the couch, with water in a wine glass, fiddling with my defective toenail, when the windows began to shake and the room rocked a little. My roommates were both asleep so I gave a little “ah! …..AH!” yelp and considered ducking and covering. And then it was over. But I was scared enough to go put on pajamas because if something did ever happen and I needed to run out of the house…well heavens knows I don’t want to seek shelter from the end of the world in my birthday suit.

We are going to the Giants game tomorrow! With my beloved Brian on the DL, my wardrobe options are halved. Almost all my shirts pay homage to his beard. I’ve been watching “The Franchise” (thank you, Westburgs!!! xoxo) and I cry in every episode, get goosebumps every five minutes, and fall more into the swirling vortex of awesome that is Brian Wilson. We are so MFEO.

I’m really enjoying “The Franchise.” Some of my most favorite moments are the mic’ed convos in the dugout or on the mound between the catcher and pitcher. And also any shot of any Giant with his shirt off is really working for me.

It was rough to watch the first ep and relive the injuries of Panda, Ross, Buster….its pretty incredible how well we’ve done when you consider how many players have been moved around, down, DL’ed, etc. And I love the clubhouse scenes with them playing dominoes and video games and watching each other on TV. But I gotta say that Zito should have opted out of filming because he just looks more and more like a d-bag. Doing yoga on your rooftop in LA? C’mon, buddy. We could probably have a decent set of a second baseman, catcher, and CF for the price of one of your non-existent seasons. Highest paid cheerleader in all of sports history, Barry “dirty stache” Zito.

Rough loss tonight…to come back and tie it up only to watch it slip away…bummer. Hopefully tomorrow with Timmy is a good show! I’ve been itching to get to a game…haven’t been since Aug 4 against the phillies and that was a bummer.

Tonight I played in our church softball team….I was pretty nervous that I would take a line drive to the dome, but I actually hit 4-4 and didn’t even fall once. My arm is gonna be soooooore in the morning!!


In other news, i was on a walk Monday afternoon, and found the most beautiful, clean, crispy one dollar bill, lying on the sidewalk. This was a total upgrade from the usual array of cigarette butts, used condoms, and empty fifths I find while coasting the streets of Concord. But I didn’t trust it….I walked a full circle around it, checked my surroundings, just waiting for Ashton Kutcher and crew to come out and punk me. I even looked for any strings attached to it that some snot nosed kid would pull on once I reached for the dinero. But nothing happened! It was legit free money. Except now I’m wondering if it was a drug dollar and am imagining scenarios where I get pulled over by the cops and the drug dog rips my pants off biting through to get to the crack dollar in my pocket.

How sad is the state of the world when I am scared to pick up a one dollar bill, for fear of being embarassed on national tv, forever ruining my chances as an Oscar-winning actress, but the economy’s bad enough that I take that risk?