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On Wednesdays we wear BLACK AND ORANGE

I am writing this on a borrowed laptop (gracias a la Debbie!) from my bed (which I never do) late on a school night. !! School hasn't even officially started and I've already given up on all my glorious plans... Continue Reading →

35/365.25 – We’ve got spirit, yes we do, and a side of phlegm for you!

Five days of Spirit Week, 120 screaming junior higher, 30 girls at vball tryouts, 11 making the team, a dozen rounds of Theraflu, and seventy billion cups of tea and cough drops later, my battle with influenza or malaria or... Continue Reading →

12 – Teacher Diaries: I think I LIKE like my job today.

Junior highers are so presh sometimes. Remember being at that age? Their hormones are the driving forces behind everything. They look like little adults, they think they are little adults, but they still have a loooong ways to go. One... Continue Reading →

Day 3/365.25 – brush em brush em bruuuush em

for the first time in my life, i got to the end of a dental floss box. !! This has never happened. I was so excited. When I heard that rattle of the empty box, I was like "omgosh. What.... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries: Junior Highers are Contagious…

I am back at school! My second week of my second year of teaching is almost over, I can reach out and touch Labor Day weekend. It's been really good so far. My stress level is way lower this year,... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries: ” ‘Syllabus?’ It means…’things I want you to know on a piece of paper…?’…just keep it in your binder!”

Okay this morning, first real day of school, after like six cups of coffee, laminating everything I could get my hands on, and the nervous morning poo, and pacing around the desks and wondering if I had correctly aligned the... Continue Reading →

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