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Top 10: Reasons I Love the Xfiles

Yeah, its off the air, but it is wicked good. Because the Xfiles is all about... 10. Seriously Creepy TV - I like to be scared by television in the same way that I like to be scared by roller... Continue Reading →

Monday Round UP

Favorite moment of the day....a kid in my Spanish class told a five minute story about "one of the saddest days of my life" when a friend's mom promised to get him a slurpee, but she didn't. I threw back... Continue Reading →

On Wednesdays we wear BLACK AND ORANGE

I am writing this on a borrowed laptop (gracias a la Debbie!) from my bed (which I never do) late on a school night. !! School hasn't even officially started and I've already given up on all my glorious plans... Continue Reading →

TuesdayTop10 – Favorite TV shows

10. Aaangry Beavers - cartoon on Nick. This show was epic. Pretty adult humor at times. Two beaver brothers, Norbert and Dagget, living in their dam. Besides "Rugrats," this is the only cartoon I really remember watching. 9. Those Japanese... Continue Reading →

twenty5 things about me.

1. my favorite flowers are sweet peas. neither sweet nor peas. talk amongst yourselves. 2. my favorite food is cottage cheese. totally plain, right out of the carton, with a fork. 3. im scared of horses. i blame summer camp... Continue Reading →

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