Favorite moment of the day….a kid in my Spanish class told a five minute story about “one of the saddest days of my life” when a friend’s mom promised to get him a slurpee, but she didn’t. I threw back my head and laughed and laughed.

Low moment of the day….i have had to pee for about an hour….but I don’t want to get up and go pee.

Ah. I just got up. That was great. Why didn’t I do that earlier? I don’t know.

I actually had a fanTAStic day. This is because I am done with my test. I didn’t even know how much that was bringing me down. It was altering my personality. I was a big grumpy pants. but now that it is over, i feel like ten pounds lighter and a million times happier. And also because I decided to have a fantastic day. I have realized the power of my decisions to be happy. I can harness my own smiles. And it has a wonderful effect on my students and how my classes go. Its kinda great.

You know what else was cool? I went into the faculty lounge, and some nice mom had made some BOMB quiche. It was all warm and in a casserole dish. made me miss my mom’s cooking. I think a lot of childhood comes with casserole dishes.

I called in sick on Friday because I felt like  butt hole and had that big old test. I really wanted there to be a mean nasty substitute. You remember the kind of subs that you would have in junior high and high school that were so horrible that you wanted your real teachers to come back and assign you real work and have some real order in the class? That is what I wanted.

I wanted the kids to be desperate for me to return. I wanted them running down the halls in slow motion. Maybe music playing in the background….something epic. They would weep at my feet; “Never leave us again, Miss Weight! We can’t go on without you!”

But no. No! Not even a little bit. They just told me how cool the sub was. About how he was a former cop and told them stories about drug busts and having a dog and patrolling and saving the world.

Did they miss me? “Oh yeah, sure miss weight. but this guy was like SO awesome!” Sigh.

anyway i have nothing to talk about really.

I’m watching old xFiles episodes and drinking red wine and wearing sweatpants from a boy I can’t remember. life is funny.