10. Aaangry Beavers – cartoon on Nick. This show was epic. Pretty adult humor at times. Two beaver brothers, Norbert and Dagget, living in their dam. Besides “Rugrats,” this is the only cartoon I really remember watching.


Those Japanese game shows that are dubbed on Spike TV where they run all around and fall and the announcers say funny things. Haha man those are funny.

8. Home Improvement – it used to come on while I was at swim practice, and I would set the VCR to videotape every episode. I loved this show. Jonathan Tayler Thomas was like my first television crush. Then he went crazy. I could watch the same episodes over and over.

7. David the Gnome – Fantastic Nick show. 

I remember one time in college, we spent a few hours in the ASB office looking for a clip of the theme song, and then we played it over and over. A few of us really bonded that night. I loved the environmental themes.

6. Friends – What can I say? This show defines college for me. We got Ry all the episodes on dvd, and we would just lay in bed watching them over and over. We could quote every line, we would reference it in most conversations, we fell asleep to it. Just a classy, classic, hilarious show. Clip – the lightening round.

5. 30 Rock – Funniest sitcom ever. I have to watch each episode at least twice to make sure I catch all the jokes. Tracey Morgan is so out there, and I’m pretty sure Tina Fey and I were the same person in another life, or something like that.

4. gLee – I love this show. I’ve always wanted to live my life as a musical. Sometimes, in a particularly emotional moment, happy, sad, whatever, I think about what song I would sing to express my feelings. And these kids get to do that. The show pushes the envelope, which I love, it showcases all kinds of the joy and pain that it is to be in high school, and has some hot eye candy.

3. Dr. Quinn – I’ve discussed many times on this blog how much I love this show. I have all the seasons on DVD, and watch them often. I love the wholesome, family nature of the show, I love hottie McWhite guy raised by Indians Byron Sully, I love the thrill of the wild, wild west at the beginning of pioneer expansion. I feel like I learn a lot of American history from the show, too. It makes me feel good to watch it.

2. Giants Games – I love them. I just love them.

1. Xfiles – Public apology to Jacqui, who I made fun of in sixth grade for liking this show, and the little aliens she used to draw on her binder. I was obsessed with this show for many years. Huge crush on David Duchovny, I would write fake stories about me being Sully and how Mulder and I were boyfriend and girlfriend, I would watch every episode, even staying up until 3am on school nights to see episodes I hadn’t seen before. This is when the TV guide would be in the TimeOut section of the Contra Costa Times, and you had to look up what channel and time your fav shows were on. Way before the days of Comcast and Dvr and all that. I would set the VCR to record it, or stay up to watch episodes I hadn’t seen. I loved the sense of humor, the mystery, the slowly building romance, the paranoia, Sully’s crisis between faith and science. I loved the really creepy shows that gave me nightmares. I loved the shows where Mulder saved Sully just in the nick of time.

Runners up – things that almost made the cut, or new shows I haven’t decided if I will dedicate time out of my life to watching…but are seriously funny.

Parks and Rec


Bachelor – you just provide so much amusement

My so-called life