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My Season of “The Bachelorette” – Part One

Okay, I've given up on this season. I give up at some point every season, but this year, I more give up. The Bach has been on for...20 seasons? We're just shamelessly recycling plot lines. How many times have we... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Ways the Technology is Sucking Out My Soul (and probably yours, too) (301)

10. GPS - I have a love/hate relationship with GPS. I remember fondly the days of getting the swim team roster and pulling out the Thomas Brothers mapbook, looking up the addresses of all the cute boys. I miss feeling my... Continue Reading →

263: Bachelor Ben: Girls Tell All Recap

The "Girls Tell All" episode is always one to look forward to in your guilty pleasure viewing of reality tv's greatest train wreck, "The Bachelor." This season has been interesting to follow in the online world, and in magazines, because... Continue Reading →

Bachelor’s Courtney’s Autotune Song.

Literally can't stop laughing at this...genius work.

Top 10: Reasons I Love the Xfiles

Yeah, its off the air, but it is wicked good. Because the Xfiles is all about... 10. Seriously Creepy TV - I like to be scared by television in the same way that I like to be scared by roller... Continue Reading →

Bachelorette Ep 6 – Buhbye now, Bentley, buhbye.

OMJuicy episode. Quick thoughts..."Bentley" heard his name dropped a whopping eleven times before his mug was even shown, and then 18 more times after that, for a granddaddy total of 29. Good thing I didn't turn that into a drinking... Continue Reading →

114 – Bachelorette – Ep 3 Recap

Mask reveal? Anticlimatic...aaaaaand yeah, you adopted a three-legged dog, but you're creepy and old. Bentley is gone! Haaaaalleluyah! William - what were you thinking?! Flashmob date = awesome slash wow that guy is intense. There is so much to say... Continue Reading →

The Bachelorette – Oh SNAP the Man Candy!!

When every season of ABC's "reality" show The Bachelor ends, I always swear to never watch it again. I usually feel disappointed, manipulated by producers, emotionally drained from the trainwrecks that are these women trying to fall in love in... Continue Reading →

TuesdayTop10 – Favorite TV shows

10. Aaangry Beavers - cartoon on Nick. This show was epic. Pretty adult humor at times. Two beaver brothers, Norbert and Dagget, living in their dam. Besides "Rugrats," this is the only cartoon I really remember watching. 9. Those Japanese... Continue Reading →

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