OMJuicy episode. Quick thoughts…”Bentley” heard his name dropped a whopping eleven times before his mug was even shown, and then 18 more times after that, for a granddaddy total of 29. Good thing I didn’t turn that into a drinking game like I’d planned.

And the whole “dot dot dot” referencing over and over again….what is Ashley, some sort of grammar freak? This is romance reality, not language arts! If I hear “dot dot dot” one more time I’m going to throw a Number 2 pencil lead dart at her. “Maybe we should put a period on it?” Maybe we should add a semi colon, opening parenthesis. Or maybe we should use big girl words like “commitment” and “relationship” and “Bentley is a buttface.”

I’m also going to bet that the name “Bentley” shows a significant drop in baby names in the USA. Watch that untrend after this series.

When he came all the way to Hong Kong (which, btw, we don’t give him any credit for, since clearly the producers paid for it) I was the tiniest bit hopeful that maybe he was going to have had some personal revelation and be nice to Ashley. Just so she would stop looking like an idiot to the cameras, because she keeps going on and on about this strong connection that we viewers haven’t seen at all. But no. It’s clear, and she even says to him, that he’s just there to vacation. I thought he might have been the tiniest bit interested in not looking like an a-hole. He totally reminds me of some immature, cocky frat boy used to getting whatever he wants, knows how to talk to girls and get in their heads. And he’s not even that attractive. And he’s soulless. As we know. I love this picture.

It was nice to see Ashley finally get a little mean about it, (aka drop some f-bombs) and remind the cameras and herself that she shouldn’t have to convince anyone to fall in love with her. As annoying as she can sometimes be, no woman should ever be trying to make some guy like them. The one for you will love you, you won’t have to work at it. Gah I can’t wait for the After the Rose ceremony!!! eee!!!


Lucas on the one-on-one...he’s handsome in a conventional sort of way. Not really my physical type. Like Ashley, I love his southern gentleman vibe…he’s going to be the guy whose mama raised him to open the door, put his hand on the small of your back to guide you in, pull out your chair. You’d feel safe and protected with him, he’s all male and he’ll make you feel all woman. I like that he just wanted to dance and get a first kiss. BUT – Note to Guys – it’s cute to ask for a kiss, but don’t say “do you mind?” Yikes. Sounds like you’re paying for it.

Group Date – pretty cool! Dragon boating! Its like intense Asian kayak teams. Interesting twist to have them interacting (or trying to) with locals to get a team together. Fell in love with Ben F. even more when he went crazy for the kimonos with Constantine when they decided that if they were going down, they were going down “looking like Gs” and channeling Eye of the Tiger. They sang “Row Your Boat” and the camp counselor in me just can’t get enough of Ben F.! He’s got that sweet, vulnerable side and super goofy. Sigh.

Best line: Ben F.: Our chant, “Ba-Chi” was supposed to mean “Eat It” but we found out later it meant “Idiot.”

Cocktail party…Ashley looked beautiful in this ep. She definitely seems happier to have the closure with that Bentley character. Ames making the move on the elevator…awwwwkkkwaarddddd!! Note to Guys – put down your drink before you start making out. Wrap both arms around. Also maybe give a tiny bit of warning so she doesn’t choke on her spit in surprise.

JP – Jordan Paul!! Name reveal!! He’s still my fav. Did he shave off half his eyebrows on accident? They seem to have the most connection, and he is sweet and caring. He took the news about Bentley very well, and seemed most concerned for her, which was the perfect reaction, versus the other guys (cough cough BLAKE) who clearly are still too competitive and self-centered to be in this stage of the game. It needs to be about Ashley, not about you winning.

I’m not torn up about Mickey leaving…he was a little too pretty and his personality fell flat with me. I did like his sense of fashion though. And Blake was getting whiny about…well, everything.

So goodbye to Bentley…Mickey….Blake! reports that Blake is going to be on Bachelor Pad, which I haven’t watched yet, but promises to be scandalous show.

And the preview for the rest of the season looks so good! Who will return? Money on Mickey!

Final wager on the rest of the season…I’m thinking next episode we say goodbye to Constantine, then Lucas, then Ames, Ryan, and it alllll comes down to Ben F and JP.


Tune in next time dot dot dot