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Singles Awareness Day

about being single on valentines day.

Normally in the States, I'm so jacked up on conversation hearts that I can be pretty numb to the pain of being single on Valentines Day. And every day. All day. Because it is. It's okay to love being single to celebrate the heck out of it, and to also acknowledge that it can be really, really hard.

A Single Lady’s Response to Valentine’s Day

Much like it's evil twin, New Year's Eve, this "holiday" (which I'm convinced is a conspiracy of greeting card companies and chocolatiers) can make a single gal feel decidedly single. I've just survived the holidays with the relatives and their... Continue Reading →

HowGirlsWork: Top10 Things about a Girls Night Out (160)

My middle name is "Danger." At one point in my life, it could have been "Party." I LOVED going out and all that it entailed. But with a fulltime job and going back to school. I am a little bit... Continue Reading →

132 – Bachelorette Episode Seven…bye bye blondies!

This week's episode had us waiting in suspense after a fourth of july break...I couldn't wait to get back to the juiciness. They traveled to Taiwan and we are left with Ames (my sweet, cow-eyed, dopey lovable Ames), Lucas (30... Continue Reading →

Guide for Guys – How Girls Work – Part 2

Say you're a guy, and you meet a girl, and you talk/flirt/exchange numbers/hang out and then for whatever reason, it fizzles out for you. So you just casually never call her again. Want to know how she's doing? Probably not,... Continue Reading →

Bachelorette Ep 6 – Buhbye now, Bentley, buhbye.

OMJuicy episode. Quick thoughts..."Bentley" heard his name dropped a whopping eleven times before his mug was even shown, and then 18 more times after that, for a granddaddy total of 29. Good thing I didn't turn that into a drinking... Continue Reading →

Guide for Guys – How Girls Work When You Don’t Call

Recently, I met a guy who...I thought was great. We were introduced by a mutual friend. He was handsome and a Giants fan and made me laugh. We really hit it off, hung out a few times. We had a... Continue Reading →

The Bachelorette – Oh SNAP the Man Candy!!

When every season of ABC's "reality" show The Bachelor ends, I always swear to never watch it again. I usually feel disappointed, manipulated by producers, emotionally drained from the trainwrecks that are these women trying to fall in love in... Continue Reading →

100 – This most sacred post, I dedicate to thee, Brian Wilson. You have earned it.

If you've read anything I've written ever or have ever spent more than five minutes talking to me, you know that I have a bit of a crush on Giants phenom closer, Brian Wilson. I joined twitter for him, I... Continue Reading →

Top 10 – Fact: These men are delicious.

Pure eye candy. My roommate and I had a fanTASTIC evening determining the men worthy of being on this list, and then googling for images of them!!! In honor of my awesome singleness and for my single and fabulous girlfriends,... Continue Reading →

45 – Vday.

Aside from a coworker cornering me in the copy room and asking, "so, being single, how are you handling Valentine's Day?" I had a most rocking day. As a junior high teacher, watching young romances think they are blooming is... Continue Reading →

Countdown to VDay2 – I’ll be dancing with myse-elf oh oh ohoh!

Today's Agenda and Menu: Walk along the beach (settling for the pond at the park) at sunset, ipod playing love songs. (Check!) Bubble bath with wine. (Next on list) Learn three new love songs on guitar (Want To, Sugarland; Marry... Continue Reading →

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