This week’s episode had us waiting in suspense after a fourth of july break…I couldn’t wait to get back to the juiciness. They traveled to Taiwan and we are left with Ames (my sweet, cow-eyed, dopey lovable Ames), Lucas (30 something oil money divorcee from Texas), Constantine (Greek family man chef from Atlanta), Ben F. (28 year old wine guy from Sonoma…total front runner, sweet, speaks in funny voices, references “Dumb and Dumber” = winning!), Ryan (solar panel self starter business guy who is so excited about being alive its hard to be in the same room with him), and JP (hottie mc hottersons constuction guy from New York who I think has the strongest feelings for Ashley).

From the beginning, my bets on who were going home were Constantine and Ryan. Ryan because he’s annoying and needs. Constantine because I had forgotten about Lucas, that’s how under the radar he is. Had his personality made a sufficient impression on me, I would have bet on him.

One on one with Constantine – I am physically attracted to him. He’s cute. He’s sure of himself, and confidence is always sexy. I appreciate that he’s definitely more reserved, moving slowly. Nothing desperate about  him. Definitely your strong, Greek family traditional vibe guy. And a chef? SUPER hot. Their date was sweet…Ashley was right, riding a train is surprisingly romantic. Something old fashioned and sweet about it.The lantern thing was cute…he was thoughtful about it, which is a good sign. But…where do those lanterns go after we release them into the sky? They end up falling into the ocean and strangling baby dolphins. Yeah. Super romantic, Ashley. Thanks, Taiwan.

One on One with Ben F. – My money is on him for the win. Talked about the “L-bomb” with Ashley, and the preview to hometown dates looks really promising for him. Scandalous unexpected overnight date?! That looked promising, but really I think they were just far away. Kinda fun to see JP get all worked up over it. Ben F. and Ashley look like and act like they are already boyfriend and girlfriend. Lets see that to the finish.

Group Date – Ames, Lucas, JP – Taking wedding photos? Seriously? Are we trying to make these men snap? Ames….you grow on me more and more each day. He had to wear the pink boxer shorts and get knocked in the head during muay thai, and THEN they give him the crazy Asian disco tux. What a guy. He totally rocked it with class, as only Ames could, even hamming it up for the cameras. I do love Ames, but I just want to be his best friend and cuddle on the couch. He was definitely raised right and deserves the best. Lucas was in a dress, and JP looked delicious. During this part, the jealousy was a leetle annoying…but still kinda hot. Because he’s JP. And he reeks of hot.

One on One with Ryan – He is cheesier than Velveeta. Water heaters? I know you’re on national tv and all crazy environmentalists want to use any platform possible, but…couldn’t you tell she was zoning out and delivering a monologue to the cameras as you rambled on and on? However…when he said goodbye to the camera, he was so sincere….I think. I don’t know. I think alllll of that may really be who he is. In which case….he deserves a nice, possibly deaf woman to have as a wife. He would be good to her.

I appreciate that Ashley seems to have thrown out the rule book on this cocktail parties if she doesn’t want them, sending guys home on the dates so that they don’t have to face their bros…that is really nice of her. I think she learned that through her own humiliation on the Bachelor. Although I would also really appreciate that if next time she cuts the cocktail party, when Chris comes out to tell the guys, maybe he comes out in her dress and heels or something, to break the tension. One of those nice backless numbers she’s been sporting. He could say something like “Gentleman, I know I’m not who you’re expecting to see tonight, but I am wearing her dress. Lets drink and get in the hot tub already.” (Its episode seven and still no steamy hot tub makeout? snore!)

Lucas had a nice, classy goodbye. He seems like a nicey.

Who is going to be coming back??? I can’t decide if its Mickey or now maybe Lucas or Ryan?? Hmm…

Money still on Ben F. FTW!!!

Until next week….hometown dates!