OMBrian. After closing out the All-Star Game last night with a pretty sweet (and pretty easy save), Brian managed to somehow squeeze all that awesome into nothing less that a ONESIE tuxedo. It was weird, it was a little surprising, even for him, and I’m not gonna lie….I was a little upset he was sharing so much with a national audience that should really be kept in the confines of our relationship. BUT, it did add just one more reason to why we are destiny, because I ALSO love onesies, and in fact, have a penguin one! Check out this resemblance!

  This photo of me was actually taken     on a Monday night in January, and I texted my friends saying “look what happens to me when the Giants aren’t on tv….I wear children’s pajamas and drink wine by myself!” Don’t you think that means we are just one step closer to meeting?? I do. Here are some more pictures of my crazy, hilarious sweetheart…

He is also wearing “ninja socks” that were from a fan, and has a cane, which he called his “plus one.”

These silly people interviewing him had fake beards on. Snore. He’s gotta be tired of people asking him all the grooming questions. He has

a beard, he loves it, get over it. So to distract from the beard questions that tire him, he goes with the unitard tuxedo. Unitux. Fantastic.

I’m still watching the ESPYs precoverage right now…who is Parachute? And why would a bunch of male athletes care about Justin Bieber? I love the kid, but why  is he there? I don’t even think their wives and girlfriends care.

Especially not in the the sight of Brian Wilson and other athletic hotties like Tom Brady and Blake Griffin and Jimmie Johnson…to name a few. Even Seth Meyers is yummy! Mmm I love my sports shows… I hope Timmy wins!!! FREAK baby! I didn’t see him on the red carpet…I wanna see that bowtie :) and you know my Giants are taking home best team.