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St*ff Girls Say During Football (242)

I have lots of memories of asking my dad what I'm sure were all kinds of annoying questions about the rules of football. He always answered very patiently. I'm guessing maybe not every girl had a dad or older brother... Continue Reading →

133 – Brian Wilson does it again…

OMBrian. After closing out the All-Star Game last night with a pretty sweet (and pretty easy save), Brian managed to somehow squeeze all that awesome into nothing less that a ONESIE tuxedo. It was weird, it was a little surprising,... Continue Reading →

81 – Wednesdays are…in the middle of the week.

I'm behind a day! Yesterday, I got an email from excusing me from writing a daily blog because the site was down. I was kinda glad because I'd had a MAJOR vball day...we beat this unbeatable team, Valley, in... Continue Reading →

62 – Coaching Diaries: Pushing past the tough loss

The ball dropped for the final point, and it wasn't the major leagues of any sport, it wasn't the final game of the season, it's just junior high girls volleyball, but oh it hurt to lose this one. And when one... Continue Reading →

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