I’m behind a day! Yesterday, I got an email from WordPress.com excusing me from writing a daily blog because the site was down. I was kinda glad because I’d had a MAJOR vball day…we beat this unbeatable team, Valley, in a very “David and Goliath” type game. The gym was PACKED and my girls played like rock stars. I was on such a high afterward…I want to laugh and cry and take a nap all at the same time. Then I went to science fair at my school, and then like really cool teachers, we went out to Applebees to split an appetizer sampler platter.

I actually kind of like the science fair…its a huge big deal at my school, and the kids work on it all year long, and some of them come up with wicked cool projects. Like one girl tested if nail polish actually does make your nails stronger/longer, one tested hairsprays, one tested lip balms, someone did if yawns are contagious last year, and if looking at a fish lowers your blood pressure. And all the sixth graders do stuff about plants and soil, which, being the garden gnome I have turned into, always fascinates me.

Today’s game was caraaazy. We had to drive out to San Jose and play in this wacky gym…we played the team that won the whole league last year, and they were pretty good. Actually really good. One of my players, who is allergic to makeup and other random things, had spent the hour car ride there decorating her face and arms with marker, and was having some sort of allergic reaction during the game…another one took a ball to the face and started bleeding and had to be ushered off the court…it was crazy. We ended up losing, but the coach on the other team, who also happens to be the league president and has coached for 25 years and is a little bit scary and got in a bit of a tiff with one of the moms on my team, spent twenty minutes after the game telling me how awesome my team is, what good passers we are, how good their technique was, and how everyone is talking about how we knocked Valley out of the tournament. So I started to like her :).

Now we play at 9am in Dublin on Saturday! I’m kinda looking forward to a whole day in a gym, finding a corner to pile all our sports bags in, eat sandwiches, work on homework, watch other teams, etc. We actually have a chance to end up playing this team we wanted to beat all season…Kings Valley…so I’m hoping for that.

I am so sad my season is coming to an end. I have had so much fun, learned a lot about volleyball and myself as a coach. I love my girls, the heart they have for each other and how sweet they are to me. And they make me laugh so hard. Its been a great year.

Go Knights!